Thanksgiving Together

IMG_2107Hello friends– I have to say I’m happily thankful for the wild and wacky week with our kids for Thanksgiving.  It’s not always easy getting 15 people organized for meals and outings  (thanks Ani!!), but we had some sweet times, good conversations, and grand food.

Thanks Aaron and Jessica for a Thanksgiving Day that was simply beautiful:

IMG_2125     IMG_2101

IMG_2075     IMG_2096


IMG_2054     IMG_2056

And the rest of the week?  We just hung out, took some walks, found some playgrounds and fun things to eat:


IMG_1883     IMG_1894


IMG_1970    IMG_2165


IMG_1852     IMG_2135


Photos around town: 5 wacky girls hanging out, Stop at Andytown for a cuppa,  View across the Sunset neighborhood with Harry the dog down to Ocean Beach,  Laurel gives a group tour at Photojojo,  Hugs all around at the Delores Park playground,  3 girls on the playground bench, Stroll through the Athenian school grounds with Ian and Alexa, Ani at the counter at “Vive la Tart” (scrumptious!), Girls brunch out with our Jodi,  Morning walk across Golden Gate Park.

Thanks kids– for coming from far and wide to share Thanksgiving in SF.  Love you all!!


20 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Together

    • Hi Mini– It is a lot of fun getting us all together–two kids live in San Francisco, one is Wisconsin and one family in Southern CA. I miss them around the house, but it makes it such a happy occasion when we do get together (and they’ll be here for Christmas!) Have a happy Christmas season with all your bio family!!

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