12 Days of Christmas

my-blueberry-jam.blogspot.comMerry Christmas Friends– It’s around the corner all that hub-bub and noise of Christmas! In fact, just 12 days away.  So I’m thinking of how to savor the quiet joys of Christmas in the days ahead– aside from the gifts and the parties and the heartwarming joy of kids bounding in through the front door to stay the week…

I’m hoping to find meaning and peace in small things, in quite moments, in chances to reflect in these 12 days ahead.  Things that don’t take a wallet full of money or a whole lot of time, but give the sweet joy of this holy season.

day #1:  Sit down to enjoy a couple thick slices of toasted orange cranberry bread with a huge mug of tea and a little quiet.

day #2: Settle down in a warm cozy place and listen through a recording of the Messiah
(youtube has the Choir of Kings College, Cambridge–men & boys choir.  Glorious!!)

day #3:  Write out a gift list, not of things I want for Christmas, but a list of gifts I’ve already received, that have brought joy, through  this past year– our new baby Eero, travels with Larry, phone calls from our kids, mom recovered from hip surgery, a new turquoise front door…

day #4:  Bundle up and take a short night time walk through the neighborhood to enjoy the neighbor’s bright Christmas lights.

day #5:  Call an old friend with whom we spent many Christmas days in the past and catch up on all they are doing.

day #6:  Light a whole flock of candles on the dinner table and eat by candlelight.

day #7:  Sit down with a mug of hot tea and read through the Christmas story from the book of Luke, stopping to thank God for the miracle of it all, along the way as I read.

day #8:  Take a loaf of cranberry bread next door to Mr. Wicks and have a chat.

day #9:  Throw the schedule to the wind and read a stack of Christmas books to my kids at school one afternoon.

day #10:  Pick up an extra poinsettia (or a bottle of bubbly– or both!) when I’m at the market and leave it as a surprise on a friends from porch.

day #11:  Pray for each friend and family member as I sit and wrap their Christmas gift.

day #12:  Slow down and make time to thank and worship God through these days, for the gift of his son come to the world.


P.S. thanks for the photo to my blueberry jam.blogspot.com

8 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas

  1. Love this Rhonda! Thanks for the great reminder that money & things are not what Christmas is all about. Rather, our Savior….Christ, our family & friends, experiences and recognizing all that we already have. Love this time of year!

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