They’re coming!!

IMG_2689Last years Christmas morning picture by the tree…

Hi all– They’re coming!!  I couldn’t be more excited!  Pick up Laurel at the airport this afternoon and the rest will roll in tomorrow!  And I’m just about ready:

Cookies baked…  check!!
Tree up…  check!!
Gifts wrapped… check!! check!! check!!
Welcome sign hung on the front door…  check!
Fridge full…  check! check! double check!!
Christmas lights up…  check!
Stack of Christmas stories to read on the coffee table…  checkity check!
Advent wreath ready to light… check and check!!
Heart full and happily waiting for Christmas hugs… checkity check check!!!

Hoping your Christmas is full of people you love coming through your front door.
Merriest Christmas and God Bless us everyone!

519eKTDhntL._SX379_BO1,204,203,200_P.S.  This old check list reminds me of a favorite Christmas children’s book–  Mooseltoe  by Margie Palatini.  The moose dad works through his Christmas checklist wanting to rustle up the perfect Christmas for his family.  Of course, there’s bumps in the road, but he pulls it off with resourcefulness and comes up with a happy ending.


11 thoughts on “They’re coming!!

      • Yes…the kids will be here early Christmas morning and then we will have dinner at Brian’s later in the day. My mom will be here Christmas Eve and Day and we will celebrate with my brother and his wife and some cousins here at our home Christmas Eve. We usually BBQ tritium and port tenderloins with a few sides. Been baking with the girls yesterday and getting all the last minute details addressed too! Hope to see you again in the new year…enjoy your beautiful family…I know your heart and arms will be full! Xo

        • Hey Debi– Your Christmas sounds pretty much the same as ours– Christmas with all the family at my bothers on Christmas Eve– love seeing all the nieces and nephews come in from here and there. And we’re having pork tenderloin. Trying a new recipe my friend Sally made for us. — hope it comes out!! Love to you and all your family. Merry Christmas!

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