A Walk in the Woods

IMG_2995Hey there– While the kids were here, we had a chilly picnic out at Carbon Canyon Park. We wandered along the lake and hiked back to the Redwood Grove on he edge of the park. It’s the largest transplanted stand of redwoods in California.  Felt great to get out and ramble after all those big meals and Christmas cookies.


IMG_2946     12392047_799548293489399_2278328979633105086_n

IMG_2984     IMG_2948


943894_799548496822712_8790838652985062050_n-2    1934193_799548596822702_6171922527547943105_n    10155815_799548533489375_5834157374477720095_n
It was a fine day, good to get out of the neighborhood and take a little mini-vacation with Micah, Jodi and the grand-girls.  Thanks for the hike time together M&J!

10 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

    • Hey Kat– YES! after such a long drought we are just soaking it up. Hopefully there’s a little more this week. My yard is brown and sad (we can only water once a week!)– so I’m hoping this will revive it a bit. thanks for asking!

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