Hello all–  I hoping it’s not too too late to log in with my New Years Resolutions.  I like to put them on for a week or so and see how they fit.  I’ve done long lists before, but this year I’m keeping it to the basics.  Just three things, and if I can do those, I’ll feel content.

#1.  Read and pray every morning while I eat breakfast.  And to keep me on track, I have my little red notebook from a friend (thanks Suzanne!) to write in. I’m writing about the verses I’ve read, listing three reasons to be thankful and putting down all I’m talking to God about in prayer.  I need times like this to quiet my soul.
#2.  Walk five days a week, at the park or around the neighborhood. No excuses.
#3.  And this one I learned from a friend yesterday.  When she climbs into bed she thinks through 5 things– 1. Invite God’s presence and ask for light.  2. Give thanks.  3. Review the day.  4. Face your shortcomings.  5.  Look forward to the day to come, asking God’ help.

“Let the light of your presence shine upon us. O Lord.”   –Psalm 4:6

I’m hesitant to push the button to send this out, knowing I may well fail to be resolute in these goals.  But it’s a start.  I’m hopeful for resolutions and many more things I have in mind ahead in 2015.

P.S. photo from a hike with our kids in an Oakland park a while back.

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