My Kitchen Year

51Rrtah91+L._SX352_BO1,204,203,200_Hi Reading (& Cooking) Friends– I happily lifted this book from the new book shelf at the library– I’d been waiting to get my hands on it ever since I’d first read it was coming!  I was quickly pulled in to Ruth Reichl’s story, just stopping to note recipes I’d love to try!!

This book chronicles a year in Ruth’s life starting with the completely unexpected news that Gourmet Magazine with closing down and with it her position as editor in chief!  To assuage her sadness, she turns back to her kitchen, with more time than she’d recently had, to summon up meals, many based on the farmers’ market near her upstate NY home.  Part memoir, part photo journal and part recipe treasure trove, Reichl remains a superb story teller– memorable meals made for friends, encounters with Gourmet fans, tranquil days in their country home and back to busy days in the city.

The 136 recipes, her luscious photos of life in that year and her gentle lyrical telling of how she came through those days make for a marvelous book.  It’s simple yet stylish, warm and honest.  I’ve loved her 4 other memoir books (how many can one person write??!) and this book adds to the continuing story of a life filled with beauty and, of course, good food!

P.S.– Thanks Jenon for my very own copy!  So I can mark out, cook up some of these lovely dishes!

7 thoughts on “My Kitchen Year

    • Hey Suzanne– I really did enjoy it– I hear people say they read through cook books like a novel, well, here is one that actually is readable– she knows how to tell a story. Have you read any of her other books– I loved her 3 initial memoirs, lots of food adventures and name dropping. The novel she just wrote and the short book about her mother, I did’t like as well. Anyway, what are you reading nowadays? I’m always looking for suggestions…

    • Hey Daisy!! Yep, that’s m favorite books source– really love our Fullerton library. And they have a little used book shop where I pick up books for my kids library at school. Hope you find it!

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