For the Love


Hello book reading friends — Just finished this book and I immediately wanted to tell you all about it.  In fact, I wish I were rich enough (and had your address, of course) so I could send you all a copy.  I loved it that much.

Jen Hatmaker, in her hilarious manor of addressing serious (and not so serious) topics, sets out to talk about what it means to be a Christian woman.  She addresses turning 40, fashion concerns and surviving back to school with your kids.  I pretty much chuckled my way through those parts.

But she also talks about things that really matter to me.  Here’s a few…

On the close circle of women friends:
“I see you, cheering each other on and calling forth the best in one another, and it slays me.  This is the stuff.  This is what we were made for.  This is how to live well.  If we prefer each other as Jesus told us us to, there’s nothing our community of women cannot handle. Give it to us: injustices, struggles, sufferings, loss, heartbreaks, obstacles, life. We got this, together. Within this community, we strengthen each other to love our families and neighbors and cities and world.  We point each other to God and call out our blessedness… I am so grateful to be a woman, here, with you, in our generation.  Cup overflowing.  This is it. This is our one life.  Let’s go for it together.”

On sharing meals with friends:
“A shared table is the supreme expression of hospitality in every culture on earth.  When your worn-out kitchen table hosts good people and good conversation, when it provides a safe place to break bread and share wine, your house becomes a sanitary, holy as a cathedral”

On the life in the church:
“We should be grabbing each others hands, throwing our heads back, and laughing that God saved us all, because surely this is the messiest family ever and He loves us anyway.  Our shared redemption should keep us grateful and kind, because what other response even makes sense?”

I could just keep typing excerpts, because I really want to read the whole book to you.  It’s divided into four parts– about –you,  your family,  other people and the church.  So I’m thinking of inviting some younger friends for dinner over 4 weeks to read and talk it through together.  It’s so worthwhile.

And I think you’d love it too, because after about 3 pages, you’ll be wishing that Jen Hatmaker lived next door and could be your best friend.  And you’ll think again about all your hold dear, your faith and the people you love…



13 thoughts on “For the Love

  1. Rhonda, I just love when you post these book reviews! The excerpts were great – I especially appreciate the one about the church. How true, what she says. We should all be grateful and kind to one another, because we’ve all been forgiven of so much! I love your idea of getting your friends together and having your own book club get-togethers! Oh, I wish I could go! What fun! It makes me chuckle thinking about how much we’d laugh just talking about “everyday life”! Thanks for the review, I’m going to look it up and read it. 🙂

    • Hey Daisy– The church quote was my favorite too– hold hands and laugh for joy at our salvation– and that only kindness and gratitude make sense. Love it. Hope and pray all is going well at your church with you… I love our people, even when things get complicated (and they have been that way lately!). thankful too for you, blog buddy. xo

  2. Perfect! Even before I saw this I decided to invite you to my reading group of FOR THE LOVE. We’ll be the sage, wise older women with this crew of 30s and 40s. Can’t wait!

  3. Rhonda this book had me rolling!! I kept wanting to read Ryan “one more part…” A friend and I have started a supper club. I’ve already made the beef bourguignon!! It was amazing!! Delightful and restoring laughter all the way through!!

    • That’s so funny! I told Larry he HAD to read a couple sections– I just love the one of the church and the notes to “lame” Christians. — and the supper club sounds like big fun!! are you doing once a month meals, changing houses?? I love sitting around the table with comfortable friends and talking long over dinner. It’s the best. So fun to hear from you Jenny. xox

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