Stamps on the Wall



Hi all– I have friends who are crazy crafty (that’s you Ruth) and others who make luscious quilts (Hi Jill & LeAnn).  My meagre craft expertise is lopsided 4th grade art projects, all glue and paint and glitter…  But last month I painted our family room a soft gray and took down all the old pictures from the walls, wanting something fresh.

I was stumped at what to put up on those empty walls, but then I thought how much I loved my little Pinterest board of postage stamps from far and wide.  Who knew there were so many people pinning postage stamps?  So I printed up my favorites and crowded them into a couple of old frames.  They’re so bright and happy– just wanted to share them with you…

Please forgive the glass glare–I’m just an amateur picture taker with an iPhone…

So many gorgeous stamps!  here’s a few of my faves!:

6c0e0107852e6383779c8b298fae95ab-1     89daeed784b92003a1290be1093447a2

9b6e0e07c8f20213e8951cdf6f5effe5     4fd454927539eaabc1906dc4545a705e

0ddfe50520972e9cb2026d483ce0f9d2  0cdd8b88a399a355577e0a3be62ed12b

207ef29e0642156cf245f0cb1a3dc22c   439f277b3c14f201f9f07046f4ab6378
Aren’t they truly beautiful?  Little snips of art from all over the globe…

P.S.  And on the opposite wall I stuck up a bunch of favorite family, food and places pics in Ikea frames stuck with those removable sticky strips:


11 thoughts on “Stamps on the Wall

  1. I love your refreshed family room. Always enjoyed it before, but am motivated to think in new ways about my own spaces now. And I’m with you on the postage stamps–combining image, color, art, travel, culture–wow!

  2. Love what you’ve done. I recently did our bedroom/bathroom in grey and there’s so much color that can come when you have such a “non color” background. I especially love your blue lamp next to that group of pictures. SO happy!!

    • Thanks Jenny– Yep, now I want to grab paintbrush and do the whole house this light gray. Makes the room seem lighter and brighter — We need to sit and talk and catch up!! hear all your kids are doing and what’s up with Ryan… hugs from here.

  3. Oh, I love the collection of stamps! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous ideas. We’ve got the same ideas re collection of favorites, I placed them in our living room and bedroom. 🙂

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