Spring Break in San Francisco

Hello friends– Sending off a little scrapbook of our Easter week in San Francisco.  We stayed with all of our kids up there and spent out days talking, eating and playing with grand-kids.  What could be better than that?

Good times catching up with Ani & Brian– including a yumcious fajita lunch around their table.
DSC02582  IMG_5033

And loved the morning walk in the woods with Aaron, Jessica and baby Eero on board.

IMG_5119  IMG_5104


Mae told us her favorite museum in SF was the Discovery Museum across the bridge, so we spend an active morning there watching her and little Eero having a ball.

IMG_5287  IMG_5271

Larry and I took a restful woodsy trek downward through the Presidio and then found ourselves trudging up a set of city steps to make our way home.

IMG_5322   IMG_5325

And there were plenty of memorable meals out on the town (including Delfina Pizzeria).  thanks Aaron, Jessica, Ani and Brian for a fine full week with you.  It was the best!
IMG_5344   IMG_5340




27 thoughts on “Spring Break in San Francisco

  1. looks like a fabulous time…the pictures are stunning! you always look like you do such fin thing in SF! i want to just follow you all around!!! LOL

    • Hey Debi– I know what you mean. I always have a little vacation envy when I see other people’s pics. I think I should have bene a professional traveler instead of a 4th grade teacher! happy weekend! xo

  2. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful family! Love reading about all your fun adventures making memories. And, I love San Francisco…what a fun & fabulous place to explore. I think I need to plan to revisit SF sometime soon. Cheers!

    • Hey Kim– thanks,so great to hear from you! SF is a unique and beautiful place. You’re such a traveler, I’m sure you’ll get there again sooner or later (and will have awesome photos to show for it!). If you come this way, it would be lovely to see you and really catch up! Blessings. xo

  3. Yes, I agree with the others! The photographs are gorgeous, Rhonda!! Beautiful lighting. I especially love the top shot of the bridge. Such dramatic-looking clouds! Top notch scrapbook. And now, I’m sorely missing San Fransisco. Thanks for the mini-break!! ~Theadora (Jotting down the name of the pizzeria!)

    • Thanks thanks Theadora! Fun to hear from you! I hope you get back to SF soon (as much as I wish we were traveling to Paris in the not too distant future!). Delfina Pizzeria is really the best– and the one near Filmore has Smitten ice cream right next door, where they freeze up every individual serving on the spot– super creamy. Hugs from here!

    • SF is a beautiful place to visit (and so much good food!). But we are hoping to visit more of your end of the world (especially after our road trip through NY state last summer!). All so green and beautiful and historic! Happy weekend ahead Marcia! xo

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