Eating Across San Francisco

Hi there fellow eaters (that should be about everyone)–  We spent Easter week hanging out with our San Francisco kids.  That always involves some memorable meals.  And it began and ended with pizza.  And that’s just fine with me.  Here’s the spots we enjoyed:


Brian and Ani picked me up at the airport and we made a supper stop at Blue Line Pizza on our way up to home. Rich savory deep dish pizza in a smallish modern space (and leftovers for lunch the next day– I’m all for leftovers!)


We wandered into Plow just as they were about to end their serving day at 2:00– with a menu chock full of the best kind of breakfast/brunch foods.  Housemade granola, pancakes, omelettes and their much noted biscuits.  Perfect.

IMG_5023     IMG_5024



One day for lunch Aaron drove us down to Cotogna.  I dove into a board of rich salumeria.  And after lunch we walked down the block to an architectural bookstore that AA likes to frequent.  My favorite combination– food & books!


IMG_5179     IMG_5178


On our way for a big morning out across the bridge, to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, stopped at the Murray Circle for breakfast.  Built in the barracks of old Fort Baker, you can sit on the porch with views of the Golden Gate and the city or, as we did this time, sit in the old style dining room with a molded ceiling and fire in the fireplace.  My breakfast– waffles with caramelized bananas and creme fraiche.  Great way to start the day…



Our last night in SF, we went to a favorite, Defina Pizzeria, which happily sits right next door to Smitten Ice cream.  We had the usual 30 minute wait for table, so we strolled around the corner to Browser books and walked out with a few volumes.  Then dug into a margarita, a broccoli, and a speck pizza, while I read new books to little Mae.  And then we ducked into Smitten, where they freeze the ice cream mixture on the spot when you order, for the creamiest ice cream ever.

IMG_5347     IMG_5341



Hugs and thanks to Aaron and Jessica, Ani & Brian– for all the good talk and good meals. xo


9 thoughts on “Eating Across San Francisco

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  2. Wow! Those food pictures made my mouth water. Now I’m hungry for pizza, waffles, pancakes, ice cream… anyone of those, or all will do. So fun to be with kids & grandkids, isn’t it?! The best!

    • Thanks Daisy– It was really a good visit– and a bunch of our kids are coming down this week for a cousin’s wedding, starting tomorrow. So we’ll have a house full!! Have to get to the grocery store today! xo

    • Hey Kat– oh gosh, there are so many good places to eat in SF. And I’m wondering what you do for work. Don’t think I’ve heard– sounds interesting if it involves travel to places like San Francisco!

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