By the Sea…


Hi all- We got a little early taste of summer last week, thanks to our buddy Bob, who organized a hearty seaside breakfast and a good long hike near Laguna Beach.  All that walking and talking with old friends are the best kind of way to spend a Saturday morning, in my way of thinking.

12976973_10208826888609844_4874738460717539092_o  IMG_5707

We made our way through omelettes and waffles and mugs of coffee and then set off for our walk up the beach along Crystal Cove.



IMG_5743  IMG_5738

We soaked up the sun and watched a whale as he skimmed along the surface out from the shore.  And pretty much walked our feet off… Thanks Bob, Sandy, Jim, Jenni, Jeff and Betty for the fine full day together.  Loved it.


30 thoughts on “By the Sea…

  1. Hi Rhonda. What a lovely day! And what a beautiful setting to have a seaside breakfast. Unfortunately it has been rainy and pretty cold around here lately. I enjoyed your pictures so much as they remind me that Summer is around the corner 😉 Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Simona– we’re in a drought here, so it’s great for walks at the beach, but really we’d love some of your rainy, colder weather. Hope you have a warm wonderful weekend ahead. Fun to hear from you! xo

    • Chilly sounds good to me about now Marcia– we’ve had a much too warm winter. Larry bought me a stack of firewood for Christmas and we’ve scarcely used it! Hope your in the middle of a fun weekend and a good book! xo

  2. Ahhhh, looks so gorgeous there. I tell you, we haven’t seen the sun in a week and its hovering in the 40s here, I’m kind of going bonkers. Pls send sun this way -Kat

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