“When I’m 64!!”

My mom knew how to throw a rollicking birthday party back in the 1960’s!!  

Hi friends– Birthdays.  How do they keep coming around so often??  These days the lyrics to “When I’m 64” keep running through my head (You have to be old enough to be a Beatles listener to know that one!).  So Sunday Larry grilled up a tri tip lunch for the family and then we headed over to Yogurtland for yogurt & cupcakes (thanks to some sprinkle happy grand-girls for the cupcakes!!)  It was a fun, noisy celebration of another year.

And when birthdays do roll around, it’s a reminder to think through the year ahead.  We have good one coming, I think.  I’m retiring in 12 days!  Our Ani & Brian are expecting their first little one coming up!  And Laurel & that John just called yesterday to say they are engaged!!  (please excuse the excess of exclamation points.)  So even though I’m a little more creaky and  worn around the edges, I’m happily hopeful for the year ahead…

And here’s my Year 64 Plan:
#1.  Find the joy in all these big things, and in little things in my days.
#2.  Start checking things off my “50 Things to do When I Retire List!””
#3.  Buy less things.
#4.  Spend more time taking care of people.
#5.  Be more prayerful (thank you LeAnn, for your encouragement in this).
#6.  Set my heart on what is real and true and eternal.

13325572_884012515042976_2954425551281360536_n     13336139_884012251709669_1914484382386368044_n


I’m on my way to 65 and it looks just fine ahead.  I’m so grateful.  God is good.

40 thoughts on ““When I’m 64!!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Rhonda!! Great shots. I especially love the top birthday party shot. I love the hats and the faux eye lashes. Rollicking birthday party, indeed. Ah, I just spied the little polka-dotted pocketbooks. Fabulous! ~Theadora

  2. So excited for all the new and exciting things coming into your life this year! Retirement, new baby, engagements! What fun you will have! Enjoy, my friend!

  3. Many, many happy returns on your birthday, Rhonda! It sounds like a glorious year ahead.
    P.S. Love the photo of your 60s birthday party, especially the friend with the very droopy false eyelashes. What a hoot!

    • Thanks dear friend. The droopy eyelash girl is my little sister. She’s coming home from Kosovo in a couple weeks– I’m excited about that! Fun to hear from you Sandy!! xox

  4. Now I can’t stop singing “When I’m 64.” Does Larry still feed you, does he still need you? Of course — you are blessed! Great post. The first thing I noticed, also, was that droopy eyelash on Luanne. How stylish. Happy #64, with many, many more to come.

  5. Yay Rhonda!! Happy birthday – and happy retirement too! I love that you’re going to start checking things off your retirement list. I bet it’s a really good list. Sending so many blessings your way, and lots of pink birthday hats too, right? 🙂

    • You are so sweet Debbie! thanks. yep, the rest week school’s out, I’m cleaning out every cluttered drawer and closet in this house!! — And #2 is driving the 3 grand-girls up to San Francisco to hang out with aunts, uncles & cousins up there. I’m excited! xox

  6. Hi Rhonda – I hope you had a blessed birthday. Love your list. I actually think it works for anyone regardless of age (OK, except for #2). Can we expect to see some posts on #2?? What are your top 50 things you want to do? I think that would be fun. -Kat

  7. Happy Birthday, Rhonda! Sounds like you’re making great choices to get the most out of these special years. Isn’t it amazing how fast time flies by? I wish it would just slow down already! Love your party pictures (esp. the 1960s one!).

    • Hi Marcia– thanks. Yep, at some point we had to decide, we have enough retirement to get by and jus enjoy the years ahead. And you’re so right. Time does fly– and I want to take advantage of every minute! Hope you’re in the middle of a lovely weekend! (I spent all day writing report cards and cleaning cupboards at school!) hugs form here.

  8. This is such a beautiful post. I love your list of things to focus on, you continually inspire me with your positivity and faith Rhonda! Happy birthday. Hope that you have a blessed, wonderful start to your 64th year! Thanks for reminding the rest of us of the real priorities too xx

        • Our grandkids were in China!! My son moved there for 10 years, married dear Jodi and they had 3 girls. They moved back- couple hours north- 2 years ago and I am so thankful!! and our other 3 grandkids are 7 hours north in San Francisco– So we do spend a lot of time on the road!! How many grand kids do you have? (I thought you look younger than grandma age!)– and how far away are they? It’s a little work, but a lot of joy to keep up with those kids!! Fun fun to hear from you Mollie. xo

  9. Dear Rhonda! I just saw this post and I can’t believe I missed this great birthday entry! I pray that this year of life for you will be the very bestest one of all, filled to overflowing with health, joy, peace, and blessings that cannot be counted! xoxo

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