Farewell Laurel School



Hi there friends– These are sweet and sad and exciting days here.  After teaching at good old Laurel School for 21 years, I’m retiring next week!! It’s crazy.  I’ll miss the kids and my wonderful teaching buddies there.  But at the same time, I’m super excited for all that’s ahead.  I HAVE BIG PLANS! (to quote you Laurel Sittig!)


Last January (before I even knew I was retiring so soon!) I made a list of “50 Things to Do When I Retire” (and the list has grown!).   (So many parenthesis!)  So, since a couple of you have asked, here’s a sample of The List!:

50 THINGS TO DO WHEN I RETIRE (the abbreviated version):

#1. Clean out every drawer & cupboard in this over-stuffed house (that’s week #1)
#2. Plant a real vegetable garden in the side yard
#3. Go back to teach English in China for a summer
#4. Take a watercolor class at Cal State
#5.  Start my “Grandma Book Shop,” so the grand-girls can pick a couple books to take home every time they come to visit
#6.  Start a Wednesday Walkers group with friends–around the lake and out for coffee
#7. Figure out the prettiest section of the Appalachian Trail and hike a week with Larry
#8.  More sweet times with my Mom
#9.  Sew a baby quilt for the newest grand-girl on the way
#10. Sign up for a yoga class
#11.  Camp at Sequoia under the redwoods (where I camped every summer as a kid) with our kids & grand-kids
#12. Volunteer back at Laurel School– in the library, at homework club…
#13. Learn to make pasta
#14. Make 8 trips a year to see our San Francisco kids
#15. Help Laurel plan a wedding this year–so exciting!
#16. Write, draw, paint a Blessing Journal
#17. Pray and sing to God every morning to start my day

There’s more, but I don’t want to put you to sleep.  I’m happily anticipating all that’s ahead…


Good bye sweet kids from room #2– the girls who giggle over by the window, the tall boy in the front row who always says thank you when I hand him his papers, the pensive little guy with the philosophical answers, the girl with the glasses who loves to have her work checked, the recess soccer stars, the math pack whizzes and the kids who love to read thick books and talk them through.  I will miss you all, truly I will.


34 thoughts on “Farewell Laurel School

  1. A milestone and very exciting Rhonda. I can’t wait to read about your new adventures. I am sure those kids and the school will miss you so much. Great news and congratulations on your retirement.

  2. Oh how I wish I could have been a student in Mrs. Sittig’s class! There are hundreds, thousands of students who are the richer for having been assigned to the creative, loving, joyful, educational nest you created in which they could THRIVE. I shout out HOORAYS over you!

  3. I’m so excited for you, Rhonda!! You are a fantastic teacher and you will never know how many lives you’ve touched through your teaching. So many of us can say that there was one or two teachers that impacted our lives, and I know you were that kind of teacher! Congratulations and enjoy your new schedule – everyday something new! Xoxo

  4. SO bittersweet! I always knew you were probably a great teacher but spending time in your classroom the last couple years I sure knew for certain! I love knowing that there are teachers like you out in the schools loving on those kids! The ones that are easy to love and the ones that aren’t as easy to love. You were a safe place for all kinds of learners. I know you will continue to be used in amazing and creative ways in your post-career time. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Would love to get in on the walk around the lake/get coffee part of the list!! Big hugs to you!

    • Jenny, thanks, thanks –and there’s nothing I’d love more than a good walk & talk with you. I feel like Andrew and Gracie are growing up before my eyes (in Facebook!) and I need to hear all the details from you!! talk to you soon. hugs to you Jenny!

  5. Oh Rhonda, this is beautiful! Sending many blessings your way with completions, as well as expanding into what’s next. 🙂 You go girl! And I am fairly confident that you were and are a tremendous gift to your students Have a lovely weekend.

  6. So happy for you and the wonderful adventures that await you in the future!! I KNOW you are a fantastic teacher because I was most richly blessed by your gifts & talents in 7th, 8th & 9th grades!! You were my most favorite teacher EVER and an amazing influence on my life!! Here’s to an amazing and fulfilling retirement!!

    • Kim- I think you wouldn’t know how much your note here means to me. Those were wonderful years with you and the after school group. It’s been a joy to be back in touch with you and see a bit of all you’ve accomplished. Blessings. xox

    • Hey Melody– thanks. I did go to China for 7 weeks a few years back– taught conversational English to Chinese Jr. High and High School English teachers. I have dozens of stories, but will just say it was one of the most interesting times of my life. I’d love to go back… and I heard that too, but we didn’t even feel it here. Take care friend. xo

  7. Hi Rhonda, Wendy sent me your blog…sharing your retirement dreams! May the days ahead be filled with much joy! Your students were oh so lucky to have spent their days with such a kind and encouraging teacher! Blessings to you! Debbie W

    • Hi Debbie– What fun to hear from you!! Can you believe this is happening?? It has been especially sweet with the kids the last couple weeks, savoring these days. How are you holding up through it all? I know you are beloved at your school. They’ll really miss you. Hope your year ahead is the best, full of all sorts of serendipitous blessings. Take care Debbie. xox

  8. Hi again…I have loved teaching…but the 5 sweet grand chicks are now my priority along with more travels, books, cooking, walking, and writing…it is scary wonderful…but I’ve been blessed…would love to join you for a walk or coffee come Fall…the Big and Best adventures are ahead! Hugs-Debbie

    • You’re so right Debbie– adventures of our own making. That’s my plan, my hope. It would be so fun to walk & talk and hear all you’re up to. Happy family time ahead to you!… xo

    • Yep, I hope to get back there Kat– may be in a couple years when Larry retires and we could do it together. I did it a few years back and it was the most amazing, challenging summer– really stretched me and taught me a lot. The students were all high school English teachers who wanted more conversational English and most had never spoken to a native English speaker before there in central China. It was amazing.

  9. Not sure how I missed this earlier (maybe because it’s been a CRAZY month!) but I’m wishing you great happiness with your retirement. I love that animal bulletin board and your to-do list is wonderful (especially the book shop for your grandchildren!). Looks like lots of special events coming up for you, enjoy! xo

  10. I enjoyed reading your list of things to do after you retire. My list is somewhat similar. Must be a teacher thing. My wife and I are planning on retiring from our teaching professions after this school year; mine of 42 years, and I wouldn’t have gone into any other profession. This is my last year and I’m logging my thoughts at oneyeartoretirement.wordpress.com, if you care to read about it. Best of luck in retirement (and I hope you get to teach English in China some summer soon).

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