Simplest Summer Salad


Hi all– Wanted to layer up a quick salad to go with our Thai Peanut Chicken (see previous post) and this is what we had in the fridge.  It was on the table in 5 minutes– and thanks to a great peach, tasted like summer.  Here it is:

2 handfuls of bag baby spinach
1 peach, pitted and cut into chunks
a handful of pecans pieces
2 tab. good olive oil*
2 tab. of thick rich balsamic vinegar**

Layer it up in that order.  Done.

*I love the Spanish Olive Oil from Trader Joe’s — it smells like a summer evening in Spain!
** Our kids gave us a couple bottles of the thickest sweetest balsamic from Westridge market in Ojai (thanks Jodi)– almost like vinegar maple syrup!!  It makes my normal balsamic looks tired.  So now I’m looking for the richest version I can find around here…  It really made the salad.

P.S.  I’m almost embarrassed to post this as a recipe.  It’s so simple.  But we really liked it and hope you do too!


21 thoughts on “Simplest Summer Salad

    • Agree Lacey! My grandmother when always had a huge garden and fruit trees, so when she moved into her little condo, we planted a little peach tree in her tiny yard. She tended it so well and would wrap the peaches in tissue and bring them us in a shoe box! so cute– and they were the best! Happy summer eating!! xox

    • Hi Daisy– I know. I think peaches (in a close race with watermelon!) are my favorite fruit. My mom’s cobbler is the best!! Have you gotten summer fruit at your farmer’s market yet??? xoxo

  1. I always think things like this are the best types of posts because it shows so well that a few simple ingredients are all it takes to make outstanding food – it doesn’t have to be “fancy” or complicated! Just good taste and a good imagination.

    Lovely salad!!

  2. This looks great and easy enough for even me to make! I wish I didn’t have so many allergies (raw peaches, most nuts…and on and on) and I could dig right in. I get lots of ideas from your recipes, though, and I hope to get creative in the kitchen, soon….

    • Whoa Marcia– that makes me sad. (mostly because I love peaches & nuts) Hope there’s lots of other summer fruits that are great for you!! —and thanks again for you great book recommendations. Been reading about them for some grand-kid purchases!

  3. Hi Rhonda – I am just jealous of your balsamic gift. Don’t be embarrassed by a simple recipe. I would never have thought to put peaches on a salad. – Kat

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