Hi there– It’s Fathers Day tomorrow and I’m remembering the best father you could imagine.  And recently my brother scanned over a hundred of old photos of our dad and passed them on (thanks Brad!).  I discovered them late one evening and stayed up too too late pouring over every one. Here’s a little memory scrapbook of him, Carl Dupray, our beloved dad.

1957_011    1961_121
My little sis, Lulu, and I with Dad in front of our growing up home, and a winter’s day trip up to the mountains for sledding, snow cones and this little snow-guy (thanks for the poodle-ish home perm Mom!).

1974_08  1917830_127257941873_4942007_n
Moments before the collapse of our pyramid at the park!  Dad with all his kids, and grand-kids on a hike around Crescent Meadow in Sequoia National Park–where we camped every summer growing up.

1980_111   1985_124
He was the best grandfather too– trips to feed the ducks with little Micah and thinking through a puzzle with our son Aaron.

CARL06How could you not love a Dad who made French toast every Sunday morning of your growing up years?
Who would round up the Sunday School kids for a riotous game of Upset Fruit Basket or walk them all down to the drugstore for a 5 cent ice cream cone?
Who would made dozens of jars of strawberry jam in the spring to pass out to all the family?
A Dad who led long wandering hikes through the redwoods of Sequoia?
Who would write warm newsy letters every single week we lived away in Dallas, Costa Rica and then Spain?
A Dad who built a large red playhouse in the backyard complete with double hung windows and a cut out cat over the door?
Who planned our yearly road trips and filled the driving hours with games and math quizzes?
A man who spent years in chemotherapy himself, managed to be a constant hospital visitor to others suffering from cancer.
A wonderful warm father who sat on the edge or our beds each night and talked and prayed with us before we went to sleep.
He’s been in heaven now for 17 years, but I miss and adore him still.  Here’s to all the loving fathers out there.  Happiest Fathers Day.

41 thoughts on “Dad

    • Fun Cindy!! Don’t you love it there– those majestic trees and lush meadows… I have a bee in my bonnet to get all my grand-kids there for a camping trip some summer! Fun to know you’re a camper too!

  1. Rhonda what a beautiful heart felt tribute to your Dad, he sounds like a great man, loving Father and incredible human being. Happy Fahthers Day to your Dad who is in heaven with the angels watching over you all.

    • Hey Daisy! yep, don’t you love old photos?? I really look a lot like my Dad’s mother. She grew up on a farm in rural Louisiana and only went through 3rd grade– and her family back there call me “Rose with an education”! We are a whole lot alike. Hope there’s a lot of Fathers Day celebration going on around your house today. hugs hugs.

  2. Such wonderful pictures and memories you have! Your dad sounds like a great man and a perfect father. The beautiful snow scene photo looks like it’s right out of a magazine advertising winter fashions. Lovely tribute!

  3. What a lovely tribute to your father. I can’t help but think of mine each Father’s Day as my father was so happy when I born on Father’s Day.

    • Whoa– that’s awesome Karen. What a gift you were for him! I think our fathers are always a big part of who we are… Hope this finds you well and celebrating with other fathers nearby!! xox

      • Thank you Rhonda, yes my husband and I celebrated with friends. I hope your husband had a great day too. You are right, I know we both are very lucky to have had wonderful fathers that instilled in us the important things in life that made us who we are. My father encouraged me and told me just because I was a girl to not let that stop me from doing anything that I wanted to do.

  4. Thank you for such beautiful memories. He was a great man, humble and loving to all he encountered. I miss him so, but know we will all be reunited one day – what a happy family time that will be!

  5. Oh Rhonda I love this. Your caring and special relationship with your Dad shines through this blog. The photos are priceless….the one of you all in the snow is very cute. French toast each Sunday? Great story. So many blessings to you this Father’s Day Rhonda. ❤

  6. Rhonda ~ what an inspiration for all of us. He still lives through your vibrant memories. Thank you for sharing glimpses of him to us as we endeavor to imulate his caring and loving ways to all aroun! Blessings 💖

    • Love you Brenda– Derek just sent us a copy of the service he did for my dad– so dear. Hope your summer is going well, heard yo are going down to see you kids.! hugs from here.

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