Road Trip to San Francisco with those Grand-girls

Morning fog across the hills at the old Fort Baker on the Bay (now a hotel, restaurant)

Hello friends–Just back from a trip up the coast with 3 girls in the backseat to San Francisco to hang out with their aunts, uncles and cousins.  We had a lot of crazy kid centric fun–  And stuck to our two rules– #1. No Grumping  #2. One Ice Cream Every Day!!   Here’s my favorite bits of the trip:

First stop, across the Golden Gate Bridge to the Discovery Museum, a wonderland for kids.

IMG_7387     IMG_7384

IMG_7412     IMG_7410


Ani & Brian treated three girls all dressed in their best to a fancy Tea Party!

IMG_7526     IMG_7534

We strolled down to Ocean Beach to take in a Corgi Fest!!  Over 600 Corgis on the run across the sand and in the water!!

IMG_7494      IMG_7495

And there were plenty of picnics and playgrounds to round out the week!  (This day we were at the west end of Golden Gate Park!)

IMG_7512   IMG_7510


And the sweetest for me is seeing those cousins–jump and laugh and color and play together.  Big Hugs for Maryann, Charlotte, Jobay and Little Mae (and Eero back by the window!!).
Thanks once again Ani & Brian, AA & Jessica for the good times together.  There’s nothing I love more than days with you all. It’s the best.


28 thoughts on “Road Trip to San Francisco with those Grand-girls

  1. So much FUN!! What a lovely trip!! I bet the corgis were so hilarious to watch – they’re so cute. And the tea party is such a great idea! I would have loved to have done something like that as a kid.

    • Hi Dinata! Fun to hear from you– popped over to your blog– loved the chicken pictures and I just learned about Hummingbird Cake a couple years ago. I think it’s southern. Hope you have a great time with your grand-guys!! What do you plan to do with them???

  2. Oh, I do love your Road Trips to San Francisco! As always, your photographs are gorgeous. Joy and love are always in the air. A fancy tea party! The place looks packed.
    What fun!

    • Oh all those pugs!! Did you see pictures? Was it adorable?? The Corgi’s were so cute– they kind of waddle and were running everywhere!! Hope you have a good 4th of July weekend ahead. Do you have guests? bar-b-que plans?? xox

  3. What a magical day you must have had, the pictures remind me of Alice in Wonderland! Amazing. Love the corgi festival you do get up to the weirdest most fun stuff – have a great weekend Poli

      • No you wouldn’t, not unless you had the grandkids with you!!!!! Barcelona is lovely, San Fran is lovely – different but definitely great places to be. Although no t as many churros in San Fran i guess (I didnt have any by the way) did eat lots of chocolate croissants though…

    • I know Marcia– they are still young enough to think it’s cool to hang out with Grandma!! And I’m enjoying every minute! Happy 4th of July weekend!! Loved loved all your book recommendations– been reading reviews to decide what to get! xox

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