Three Ingredient Pancakes!



Hello friends– One of the best things about being retired is morning time–no quick cup of yogurt and rush out the door to school!  So today after my early walk and email check, I indulged myself with pancakes, tea and a good book!  Lazing over breakfast– it feels like I’m on a vacation!

This recipe is super easy and makes just three pancakes in about 10 minutes.  Perfect for one quiet breakfast.  They are custardy and light and really taste like banana.  This could get to be a habit around here…

1 ripe banana
1 egg
2 tab. whole wheat flour

Smash the banana into a bowl until it forms a thick paste.  Beat in the egg until it’s well blended.  Stir in the whole wheat flour to combine well.

Heat  a griddle and spray with cooking spray.  Pour three lovely pancakes from the batter bowl and cook about 2 minutes on each side.  That’s it– so easy!


toppings: blueberries, pecans, yogurt, maple syrup– or anything!  use your imagination– granola, banana, almonds, ricotta, peanut butter, crumbled bacon, honey, peaches, strawberries…


33 thoughts on “Three Ingredient Pancakes!

  1. Hi Rhonda – just 3 pancakes? Perfect! I love all those recipes like one blueberry muffin or one mug of chocolate cake. This fits right in there with them – Kat

    • Hi Kat– haven’t seen one blueberry muffin or mug of chocolate cake! sounds intriguing with just two of us who shouldn’t has massive desserts on the counter. hope all’s well with you. xo

  2. I can try that. It’s easy enough. I have to make small ones for Lynton though. He is watch for the cab intake. I took a break of two years and now I’m back blogging and start over to have followers. The name of your theme is true to itself. 🙂 🙂

    • Miriam, how did I never hear you have a blog??!! I’m going right over to read it! What fun– so now you and Mary and I can compare blog notes on Monday nights! take care friend.. xox

      • I have not done anything for two years, so I didn’t have anything to tell you. When summer came along, it reminded me the my last blog was talking about my 5th anniversary of remission. I decided not to be a cry baby and write something to count my blessings. I am connecting with Mary today…so fun… yes, we can talk about our blogs on Monday nights…

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