Rosamund Pilcher–an old favorite

Hi reading friends–  Don’t you think some books are rather like comfort food– that’s how I feel about Rosamunde Pilcher’s series of books. I’ve read them all, but now and then I just need cozy undemanding book and I pull one of her’s off the shelf.  They’re set in Cornwall or Scotland or London– and usually center on a family, including a beloved older grandma type.  I’ve always loved her characters.  They just feel like old friends.  So for some light summer reading here’s my favorites:


The She Seekers is Pilcher’s most well known book– Penelope Keeling, in her later years, is remembering her bohemian childhood with her artist father near the Cornish coast, her service in WWII in the British military,  her love of a lifetime during those war years.  And in the present there are her three children, grasping Nancy, sophisticated Olivia and devious Noel all with their own ideas about the disposition of Penelope’s dearest treasure — the valuable painting “The Shell Seekers,” given to her by her father years ago.  There are so many likable characters, tender moments and a few surprises along the way.  It really is one of the few books I would read and reread.


51PMsim95DL._SX307_BO1,204,203,200_Love this story of good intentions gone awry. It reads like one of those tender hearted 1940’s movies.  After Flora Waring unexpectedly discovers she has a long lost twin sister Rose, she agrees to take Roses place just for a weekend with her finance’s family in Scotland.  But she falls into a fondness for the Armstrong family she is deceiving and finds some unexpected attachments.  It involves loch side walks, colorful characters and highland dancing. Flora and the family will stir your heart…

41R0x07Px5L._AC_US320_QL65_Flower in the Rain is a collection of short stories Pilcher wrote for magazines over the years.  It’s a good one to tuck in a suitcase for reading on a trip– there’s a couple who reconnect after years apart, a boy who builds a doll house for his sister when their father cannot, Cousin Dorothy-who learns to love a difficult person… People you’d like to know and places you’d enjoy spending time.  Just a gentle companionable, satisfying  summer book.  I think you might like it too.

16 thoughts on “Rosamund Pilcher–an old favorite

    • Hi Suzanne– they are not pulitzer prize winners– but lovely stories of British families written in the 80’s. I really enjoy them. What have you been reading?? always looking for recommendations… xox

  1. I haven’t read a Rosamund Pilcher novel in a very long time, thanks for the reminder! One book I’ve just finished that you might like is The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend (it has a similar feel to Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society).

    • OK Marcia– I’ve got The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend on my library list! (and do have a stack of Barnes & Nobles cards for retirement gifts) –so I’ll track it down. thanks. It’s nice to have someone who’s recommendations you can trust! — and yep, Rosamunde Pilcher sold school– I read her in the 80’s. But she’s held up over time for me… Happy weekend–hope you get in some lovely reading! fun to hear from you! xo

  2. Rhonda, you know I love when you do book reviews. It’s fun to see what you think and your perspective on some of these. The Shell Seekers has a certain nostalgic feeling about it. I think I might just read it again, thanks to your suggestion. 😊. I’ll also have to look at the others.

    • You’re so sweet Daisy– I like The Shell Seekers and all her books because there is usually an older woman who is a very liable character– OK, off to a Bridal shower for a best friends new daughter-in-law– that’s a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. Hope your weekend is full of good refreshing hours. Always unto hear from you Daisy. so

      • That sounds like fun, Rhonda! Hope you had a wonderful time 😊
        I got to play with one of my little granddaughters today. She’s so cute and is growing so fast! Have a great Sunday! Xoxo

    • It’s my favorite– an old fashioned book with people you like. I read her books back in the 80’s– but they’re still good. Do you have favorites to recommend?? I’m always looking for something new. Happy reading!!

      • Have you read “Driving Hungry” by Layne Mosler? Its kind of new but I got it from the library. It is non-fiction, a memoir, about a woman who starts a blog after asking taxi drivers for their favorite places to eat. A very fun read! – Kat

        • Hey Kat– nope haven’t read it, but I’m writing it down on my books to find at the library list! sounds like a book I’d think was loads of fun! Happy summer reading friend… xo

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