“The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.”
–Pablo Casals (1876-1973, Spanish composer, cellist & conductor)

Hi Friends– Loved this soon as I read it.  We have another little grand-girl in the family, arriving in October. And I’m imagining her already, daydreaming about reading stories and baking muffins together, praying for her as I stitch a quilt of sherbet colors for her crib.  She is an impending miracle, a unique and precious life coming into the world.  So thankful. God is good.


**photo of our grand-girl Mae, last Halloween in her  astronaut costume.


26 thoughts on “Children

    • Thank you Marcia– we’re pretty excited, these grand-kids just adda whole lot of joy to life. Also– just finished the Julian Fellowes book, Belgravia, from the new books shelf at the library– fun summer reading. have you seen it?? What are you reading right now???

      • Hi Rhonda, I haven’t read Belgravia and will have to look into it. I’m reading Beetle Boy by M. G. Leonard and I’m listening to Harlan Coben’s Fool Me Once, not my usual reading choice, but so far it’s a good entertaining mystery.

        • OK, Marcia– writing those down. It’s been grand having more time to read this summer! Just finished “A Man Called Ove,” this morning– Swedish author about a crochety old man who has quite a story– and there are plenty of heart warming parts. fun book, so I tracked down his second book at the library today. Happy reading!! hugs friend.

          • One of our library book clubs is reading “A Man Called Ove.” Not sure if you’d like the two I mentioned, they aren’t my usual type to recommend. I do think you’d like “The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend” though!

            • Hey Marcia– looked for “The Readers…” book at our library but they don’t have it. So I can check at the county library nearby, bigger pool of books! I really like having recommendations from people how know what to read! thanks.

  1. What a precious little girl! I bet she melts your heart every time you see her! I know, because that’s how I feel about my granddaughters! 😊 How fun to be working on a quilt for the new baby! The colors sound beautiful and I can’t wait to see it, so please post a picture! I’m almost finished with the hand-quilting on my youngest granddaughter’s quilt, then I’ll start the binding. I’d like to give it to her within the next two weeks. I’ll post pictures when I finish it. Have a blessed weekend, Rhonda! Xoxo

    • Fun Daisy!! I’m waiting to see the quilt! I have one in mind that you posted a while back, with sweet little squares. Maybe that’s it. So OK, we’ll have to exchange quilt pics as we finish up! I’m about half done hand quilting (and taking off on vacation Tuesday for Wisconsin) so it’ll be a bit before I finish! Happy weekend– hope you find some quiet minutes to quilt and refresh! hugs hugs.

    • Looked at your link Daisy– thanks for sending it! I totally do remember that quilt top and don’t know how I missed such a sweet post with your little grand-girl! It was such a precious quilt! Waiting to see your new one… xox

  2. lovely quote, couldn’t agree more, sadly this is the case for only a fraction of the world’s children, even when they are growing up in privileged circumstances but would make such a difference to the adults too if that is how they started out life.

    • You’re so right Poli. I have stories about children in my classroom over the years. It’s not right they things they face so young… Are yo back to work yet?? Hope all’s well there. xo

      • Hi Rhonda – lovely to hear from you, I wanted to be a child psychiatrist when I was younger, but then as a student I met the children’s parents and saw the interactions and decided to do something else…Back to work yes, lots to do, off to the UK soon and then proper holiday in far off Greece…Must make this week count!

        • Honestly Poli– you get to so many places! Hope the work goes well in the UK– and you have time to enjoy being there. And so exciting to see Greece!! the beauty, the history, the food! Have you been there before?? Hope we get to see photos of your travels! take care…

          • Hi Rhonda -I know it’s great. I used to travel a lot for work too, but then it was usually to San Fran – or further afield – Turkey, Buenos Aires – and therefore there was often jetlag involved and long flights and not much time to enjoy the location. Now it’s usually short trips for work and longer trips for holidays – which is great. and it’s all so close! Hope you are well too. I have been to Greece, lovely there. Sun, food, culture and peace, all good!

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