Morning Walk

Good morning all– Been loving morning walks this summer, starting early before it gets crazy hot!  I take off with a splash of sunblock and no attention to hair/makeup!!  So I hope I don’t run you in person!


Start down the hill at Craig Park–It’s a refreshing time to listen to pod casts some days, or just take time to think and walk and pray.IMG_8690

And keep my eyes open for blue herron or egrets or just a swarm of ducks on the water.

Around the bend and back up the hill towards home, in the spring there are baby ducks afloat here.

The green, the water, the clear skies.  It’s the best kind of way to begin the day.

“His compassions never fail.  They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness”  — Lamentations 3:22-23

26 thoughts on “Morning Walk

    • Yep, usually I just walk through our neighborhood, but a couple times a week make it over to the park– greener and so much fun to see the birds who lived there… I can imagine there are beautiful walking places where you live…

    • Hi Suzanne– well, to be honest, we live in kind of a desert, thanks to the drought. But they do keep the parks green, thankfully. Hope it’s cool enough for walks in Brooklyn soon! xox blog-buddy.

  1. Wow!!! Rhonda what gorgeous photos. I really love the one with the path … made me feel like I could jump in and walk it too.
    So glad you are surrounded by such beauty and partaking of the stillness and peace of this. Enjoy, my friend.

  2. Wow, I love this post and I fell in love with this place. It’s looks so tranquil and romantic. This post reminds me of our great afternoon walk in the woods of Huelgoat in Brittany, France. Thank you for taking us along to your adventures. Gros bisous, Rhonda

  3. Rhonda, you took us along on your walk by taking these pics and posting them! Thank you! What a beautiful park to go on morning walks. Wouldn’t It be fun if we lived close enough to go on one of these walks together? Or maybe go on a double date with our husbands? 😊 That would be fun. I’m so glad you are enjoying all the time off. How is the baby quilt coming along? I’m hoping to finish mine this weekend. Then I get to work on some more fun projects for the girls for their Christmas gifts. I love sewing for babies. Have a blessed weekend!

    • Oh Daisy– I would love love a good walk and talk with you… Hope the quilt comes together beautifully! I’m taking a break on mine. I’m in Wisconsin hanging out with my youngest daughter–and tomorrow Larry and most o our other kids arrive to spend a week at a lake house! It’s been so sweet to talk with Laurel and go to work with her and see her town here. Yesterday we went and looked at the amazing public library building as a possible wedding venue for her and her fiancé. That’s was fun! I’ll post pics of all the hub-bub once everyone gets here! Hope you have a wonderful weekend of ministry ahead. hugs friend.

      • How fun!! A week at a lake! I’ve only been to Wisconsin once and it doesn’t really count because i was headed to a women’s retreat with a group from the church and the driver took a wrong turn, instead of ending up in Michigan, we found ourselves in Milwaukee! I can laugh about it now but it wasn’t so funny late at night (and I had to get up the next day at 6am to participate in the first session!). We did arrive safely in Michigan at 3am. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!! Xo

        • Whoa! What an adventure Daisy! I can see how it would not be funny at the time! Glad you (barely) got in for the retreat! I’m loving how green and beautiful everything is here coming from drought ridden California. take care Daisy… xo

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