Dinner on the Farm


Hi friends– Back in Wisconsin for a couple weeks– hanging out with my bundle-of-fun daughter, Laurel, right now.  And last night she drove us over hill and dale out to Cress Spring Farm for the Wednesday night Pizza & Music!

We passed farms & fields and trundled through the woods.

After checking out the farm’s brown pigs and finding a picnic spot, we put in our wood fired pizza order and picked up a tray of starters.


Then we joined the crowds of picnickers on the sultry summer evening, to enjoy our pizza and the lively banjo/mandoline music.

IMG_9073     IMG_9079

The stacks of wood ready for the pizza ovens…

And as the sun was about to set, we set out for home in Madison, passing farms, fields and fireflies along the way…

Thanks Laurel and John for the fun with your friends out on the farm…  Loved it!

27 thoughts on “Dinner on the Farm

  1. Beautiful countryside. What great fun for you guys. Are Ani and Micah getting close? I saw they’re headed your way. How about Aaron, is he going to join the fun? Sounds like a great trip – wish I could be there 🙂

    • It would be fun to have you on board Brad! Yep, Micah & family and Ani & Brian came in on Saturday– we touristed around Madison and now are up at the lake house-fishing, canoeing, eating and bon fires. It’s been a fine time! Fun to hear from you!! xo

  2. Great photos and alliteration…”families, farms and fields…” reminds me of the arlo guthrie record: ridin’ on the city of new orleans (a train song)….

    • Hi Kat- It’s west of Madison, in the Driftless area of hills and farms. If you google Cress Spring Bakery (they made bread too) — it gives pizza pictures and location. I loved loved Wisconsin– so green! take care Kat…

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