Family Trek at Star Lake



Hi friends– at the end of a wild and wonderful week in Wisconsin with the family.  Laurel’s John was our travel guide– and one morning he trundled us all up to Star Lake for a 2.5 mile trek through the forest, across a bog and around the lake.  It was gloriously green and one of my favorite parts of the trip…

Brian primed the pump for pre-hike drinks.

And Grandpa Larry is always good for a horse-back ride when the going gets long…

Aunt Laurel supplied Maryann with an install camera to snap prints along the way– and those two are always up for a dramatic pose along the way!

John and his hiking buddies by the Black Lagoon (an actual place, not just a book!)

I always have to include a “bottoms on the trail” picture (since I’m the last in line!)

Along the pathways we found all kinds of mushrooms and moss and interesting things growing.
IMG_0076     IMG_0008

There were a couple rest stops along the path–Ani by Star Lake…

…and a bit of wading involved.

Soaking up the tranquil beauty all along the way.

Micah. Jodi and the 3 grand-girls took a family photo at the end of the trail.

Larry snaps a shot of the group at a rest point.
Thanks Laurel and John for planning a fun day out in such a gorgeous spot.  Loved loved it!

24 thoughts on “Family Trek at Star Lake

  1. What a wonderful trip you are having…and making so many memories for your beautiful family. What a beautiful place for a hike! Thanks for sharing!

  2. All those photos of the beautiful scenery made me feel like I was on the hike, too! What a special time for you all, Rhonda! It’s not easy when our kids & grandkids live far away and that makes the time together all the more special! Have a blessed week!

    • Hi Daisy– it was a sweet time– pretty relaxed and easy together. And I’m excited they’ll all be down here labor day weekend for a couple baby showers– and then another one up in San Francisco, end Sept. I’ve got two weeks to finish that quilt!! Hugs from here Daisy!

      • Haha! Two weeks! Well, I’m sure it’ll be beautiful and you’ll have it all done by then. I have to put the binding on mine, but have been so busy these last few days, I haven’t been able to finish it. …Maybe by next week.

        • Hi Daisy— be sure to post when yo finish!! I’m baking cookie bars this morning for young people coming in tonight and then I’m off to a quilt all day marathon! I’m really getting close! Take care friend…

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