Out and About in Madison


Hello all– Back from a couple weeks in Wisconsin and it was really a 2 part trip (so more later…).  Here’s “Wisconsin– Part #1,”  This is the week with Laurel out and about in Madison.  I thought about calling this post “Mad About Madison”  –I liked it that much!  Here’s my faves from our days together:

IMG_9014     IMG_9388
I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the state capitol building!!  Laurel’s co-op office is on a corner of the capital square, so she walks straight through the building on her way to work in the morning– a glorious commute!

One afternoon we took off across the countryside, past hilly farmland, stopping in Mt. Horeb  and rolling on the Cress Spring Bakery for Pizza on the farm.

IMG_9047     IMG_9094
Photos:  Rolling farmland, Scandinavian shop in Mt. Horeb,  pizza picnickers out on the farm.

We spent a morning in the new Madison Public Library–being very fond of libraries (especially this one!), I went back and read through one afternoon there while Laurel was working…

IMG_9262    IMG_9140

Photos above:  back half of the children’s floor, library exterior, Laurel looking over the kid’s book selection,  3rd floor event space looking across the city.

Just loved strolls through Laurel’s neighborhood on Lake Monona, all the stately older houses, lush trees, flowered yards– plus the lake and park along the canal.  So different than my little California suburb.

IMG_9196     IMG_9197

Photos above:  Bridge across the canal, two of my favorite houses, morning crew out on the dock feeding ducks.

One day, I wandered across the street from Laurel’s work to stroll through the Wisconsin History Museum– four floors of Indian artifacts, immigrant settlers and things particular to Wisconsin–an afternoon well spent.

IMG_9164    IMG_9165
Photos above: Indian utensils and satchels, immigrant clothing & religious artifacts

And Laurel and I took drizzly walk through her neighborhood along the lake to Olbrich Gardens to walk past fountains, flower beds, and wooded pathways.

IMG_9233     IMG_9234

Thanks for your warm and wonderful hospitality Laurel & John–It couldn’t have been more fun!  Glad we finally got our picture up on the visitor wall!!  (We’ll be back!)

28 thoughts on “Out and About in Madison

  1. Madison looks incredible. I LOVE those houses as well. I wonder how much a house like that goes in Wisconsin, if it were here in Brooklyn it would be 4-6 Million maybe more depending where. Your photo’s are beautiful.

    • Hey Suzanne– yep, I loved Madison, big enough to be interesting, but small enough to be able to know how to get around (and park!). Ate at some fun places too. The houses on our Laurel’s street are worth more if they slope down to the lake. The big Tudor on the end of the block with a little park area next door and lake access is worth a million she said. And there was a pretty blue clapboard corner house across the street from the lake houses, but it had a view across the little park to the lake and it was on sale for $500 thousand. I told Larry we should sell our little CA house and move in!! It was an awesome neighborhood! I know you know all about houses– you’d like a visit some of these, I think. Take care friend…

  2. Such beautiful places & photos! I love libraries, too, and my daughter & I often joke about how we always look for them in almost every town we visit. It’s so relaxing to sit and read, enjoying the quiet, or look through books on different subjects. The scenery is beautiful and that museum sounds so interesting. So glad you had a great time!

    • Hey Daisy– that’s fun– I’m a real library fan– worked in the school library in junior high and then the public library. And when we lived in Spain friends mailed over 1000 books to Seville and we started an English children’s library for families there. I totally agree it’s a wonderful place to spend an afternoon on vacation! I always love to hear from you Daisy– thanks.

  3. The Midwest has some wonderful scenery– a special feel and warm people. Glad you got to have special time with Laurel. Also glad you are now back home. Fall season is soon upon us. Thanks for sharing your pics. Mary Jean

    • Hi Dinata! I saw the children’s museum (across from the library) and it looked awesome! I was wishing we could take the grand-girls there when they arrived. But we pretty much loved Madison top to bottom. Are you still with your kids? Enjoy!

  4. Madison is truly a charming city. I have never hit up the library, will have to go now looking at your lovely photos. Did you get a chance to see the farmers market on Saturday? Is right along the beautiful capitol building. – Kat

    • Hey Kat– yep, I totally agree. Madison is beautiful. We really liked Chicago too, friendly people, lots to do… But Madison is such a comfortable size, still happily Mid-west, but I could find my way around and they have cool restaurants, big theater, modern downtown, the capitol, univ. and the lakes! As long as our Laurel lives there, I hope we’ll be taking lots of trips back… And we DID go to the farmer’s market. Isn’t it awesome? so big and so many people, loved the bread! OK, too much here, but fun to talk to another Madison fan. hugs from here…

    • Hey Marcia– Yep, I really love Madison. Big enough to be really interesting, but small enough to navigate easily. And I think you would love the library– just 2 years old and so well planned and beautiful! The children’s floor was just fun with all the reading nooks and activities built in. And they even have a chocolate cafe, for reading and sipping chocolate! Plus rows of new book shelves! I spent some good time there… Happy reading to you friend, xo

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