Farmers Market –One Morning in Madison


Hello all– On our trip to Wisconsin last month we spent a sunny morning strolling through the beautiful bountiful Madison Farmers Market.  It makes a complete circle in the park surrounding the State Capitol Building, among trees and green lawn.  We have nothing like this in my little California suburb.  I’ll tell you those Wisconsin farmers produce gorgeous things to eat!

Here’s three of the enthusiastic shoppers

Brilliant bouquets of flowers and shiny Chinese eggplant
IMG_9303     IMG_9315

The Capitol building shining in the sunlight with a few shoppers resting on the lawn

My favorite stop was the bakery booth–beautiful bread– one loaf even sporting a stenciled copy of the Capitol Building!
IMG_9337    IMG_9342

Crowds of shoppers strolled past flowers and fruit…

Peppers of all shapes and sizes, red onions glistening in the sun
IMG_9351     IMG_9328

After all that browsing, we ambled down to sit and enjoy the view across Lake Monona.  A fine morning in Madison!

22 thoughts on “Farmers Market –One Morning in Madison

  1. Oh Rhonda how fun!!! 🙂
    I have a Farmers Market in Brooklyn where I’m currently living. It’s only a 6-7 minute walk and is right by Prospect Park. Just ate a Spelt Zucchini Bran Muffin from there this am – it was so good (and probably even better b/c/ it was from the market)
    So glad you were able to do this, especially with your family.
    Much love and blessings your way,

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