Big Bear Birthday Trip!

Hi all– Just back from a quick trip up the mountain to Big Bear for a little post birthday celebration for my Mom’s 85th birthday.  It was tons of fun.  Here is some of the things we did:

Who wouldn’t want to hang out with these two?  We tried to stick to the family vacation rule– Eat an ice cream every day of your trip!

We kicked back in the cabin– reading in the sunshine on the back porch under the pine trees, daily rounds of Bananagrams, mugs of tea and an afternoon of  looking through old family slides.
img_1246     img_1278

Morning “hikes” to get us going.  We walked along the boardwalk that used to pass over the edge of the lake.  But due to the drought, now it sits along a grassland.  (The “No Boating…” sign used to be at the waters edge on a little beach– now no water in sight!)  Hoping for rain this winter!!

img_1261     img_1264

And we rounded out our time with a little shopping at a favorite Antique/Junk Shop.  We can always find something we need (??) there!  I’m in the first photo camera in hand–in the mirror!
img_1307     img_1306

It was a fine full time together– talking over every little thing, sitting down to quiet meals together and lapping up the blue skies, tall pines and fresh air.  Thanks Mom and Lulu.  You’re the best!!
I have to confess– this last photo is from a previous trip to Big Bear.  Mom, Lu and I did not make it up this high on the mountain this time!!  We spent less time rock climbing and more time sitting and talking!!

25 thoughts on “Big Bear Birthday Trip!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful time together making memories. This is my idea of a special weekend getaway. Spending time in a quiet, beautiful setting with the ones you love! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Happy Belated Birthday to your sweet Mom.

    • Hey Kim!! So fun to hear from you! It was pure fun, just taking our time and doing all the things mom wanted to do. Do you have any trips on the horizon??– you always seem to land in beautiful places. You are so dear Kim– hugs from here.

    • Thanks Marcia– it is beautiful, but I’ll be glad when it rains again here and things are green again! We are launching into fall- so I’m hoping for wetter weather. How about you– leaves turning yet?? xox

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