The Sweetness of Showers


Hello Friends–
We’ve been to a rash of baby showers the last couple weeks.  Ani is expecting that baby girl in about 20 days and we’ve been celebrating and anticipating with friends and family up and down the state.

The thing about showers– of the wedding or baby variety –is that they are filled with so much Hope!  So much looking to all the joys ahead…  With the baby arriving, there’s blessings and hugs and baby advice and tummy patting and all those adorable little baby clothes wrapped up in bright packages.  Add in flowers and friends and cake, lots of cake!  There’s a lot of sweetness in these showers…

14264195_947024028741824_4208018507812925425_n     img_0966
photos:  Opening gifts, Sue offered blessings and words of advice for he new mom.

14264923_947023912075169_2400360377117577319_n   14199133_947024002075160_3778016021255784350_n   img_1014
photos: Welcome at the door, brunch table, friends looking through the baby book of when Ani was a baby.

14195938_10105672702829863_5391962982646516813_o     14264940_947024335408460_840862745214136435_n
photos:  Ani with her two grandmothers, Brian’s mom and the sweater she knitted for the new little baby Heung.

photos:  All those luscious cakes and cookies.

img_2193     img_2171
photos:  bountiful brunch with friends,  Ani & Brian with his parents and his aunt & uncle visiting from Malaysia.

photo:  The new soon to be parents, Ani & Brian.  God Bless you on all the joys that are coming with this new little girl!

Thanks to Jenni, Sue, Joy, Cheryl & Patty, to Joanne & Lulu, to Aaron & Jessica– for providing these beautiful, generous, happy days of celebration!


20 thoughts on “The Sweetness of Showers

  1. About 20 days????? I can’t imagine the excitement and joy that Ani and Brian are experiencing right now! And you, sweet Rhonda, will be the best ever grandmother! Your new baby girl will be so blessed, to have you and Larry, loving, supporting, encouraging and doting on her every inch of her life’s way!💕💕

    • Hi Andi!! Yep, we are all jumping up & down excited. We were up in SF this weekend for a shower at Aaron & Jessica’s. It was a beautiful time. And I’m going up end of next week to stay with Ani for the “Baby Watch!” Hugs to you & Keith!!

    • Hi Marcia– you’re so kind. yep, to be honest I am jumping up and down excited for this little one on the way. Going up to SF next Thursday to stay with Ani and Brian on “baby watch!” (due in 2 weeks!). hugs hugs!

    • Hey Kat– I know, don’t you love a pretty cake?? My sis made them all. She used to be caterer and it’s so fun to work with her in the kitchen. How are things in the midwest?? Is it really fall there? (not here). hugs!!

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