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Hi friends– Thursday was a day of hope and happiness.  I had planned to come up that day to stay with our Ani and Brian on “baby watch,” waiting for baby Lois to arrive.  But Lois surprisingly came 10 days early, safe and sound!  Born the day I was driving 9 hours up the Interstate 5.

It was a glorious trip, singing along with Fernando Ortega (hymns) – praying and thanking God for her beautiful arrival.  With the sun shining in the windows, I was in wonder, imagining all the days she has ahead….  And then, finally, I made it to SF.  There she was, in the hospital with her mom and dad– her first day in this big wide world.  She was perfect.  Everything had gone quickly and so well.  I am so grateful.

image     img_2680-2
photos:  Lois on her ride home!  Holding that brand new grand-girl on her very first day.  Ani & Brian and bundled up Lois, leaving the hospital.  (they’ll be great parents…)

51 thoughts on “Wonderful News

    • Hi Sharon!! So fun to hear from you here. It’s really been a joy– I could just hold that grand-girl and watch her little face for hours!! Hope you are healing and “on the run!” Love you friend!! hugs.

    • Hi LeAnn!! Yep, when I was with you Tuesday, we sure didn’t know we’d have this girl in our arms so soon! So much joy! I’m eating it up (as you can understand). Thanks for all your tender prayers. Love you friend. xox

  1. Oh Rhonda…such a beautiful little girl! So happy for you and all the family! Can’t wait for more pictures and stories about this new bundle of joy! Love and hugs 💝💝

    • I know you understand Debi– I am just jumping up and down for joy here. I just sit with her on my lap and watch her little grimaces– who could be more fun than that?! Thanks for celebrating with us! Love to you and your dear family… xox

    • Fun to hear from you Christine– thanks bunches!– you know about all the joy from a new grand-baby! I’ve been sitting her her on my lap for hours, just watching little grimaces and squirms. It’s the best!

  2. There she is so sweet and perfect. I can’t wait to hold her and kiss those chubby cheeks. Did you think about the fact that she arrived just like her mom – while her grandma was in transit, ready to wait out the arrival and there she was? Sweet memories!

    • Hey Lulu– fun to hear from you sis!! I did remember that– Mom coming in just after she was born! It’s been super just sitting for an hour at a time with her on my lap– She squirms and makes the quirkiest little faces and I’m just enthralled. I don’t know how i’m going to manage when I’m back in Brea. Laura texted Ani and said–send me a photo once an hour until she’s 18!! I’ll have to get in on that text loop! Hope you’re doing well. Call you tomorrow (too late in Boston now!).Hugs hugs hugs!

  3. Loved hearing the happy news in Joint Heirs yesterday…and now seeing the photos of your new bundle of joy…what fun! May God richly bless Brian, Ani and sweet little Lois!

    • You’re so dear Sandy. thanks bunches. It has been so wonderful– just holding that little bundle and telling her al the things she needs to know for her little life–the sweetest. Thankful to hear from you. hugs friend.

  4. How wonderful! I really like the name, Lois. Especially the way Robert Duvall pronounces it in his Oscar winning performance in the film, “Tender Mercies”. May she grow up to be a woman of “sincere faith” like her namesake in 2 Timothy 1:5. We are thrilled for you all!

    • Hey Paul– You’re making me want to watch Tender Mercies again! I think we first saw it sitting on your sofa! And thank you for your blessing. We are praying for all that’s ahead for little Lois… Hugs to you and Sue!! (loved your Yosemite pics!) xo

  5. Oh my gosh, Rhonda, she is ADORABLE! (love her little yellow suit, too). And to think I almost missed this post… sending many many congratulations to you and your family. So wonderful you are able to be there with them at this special time. xo

    • Thanks bunches Marcia! I’m having the best time here– get to cuddle and hold her every day– I could sit and watch the grimacing face forever. — thanks for your Mohegan posts–just gorgeous and so interesting… Hugs friend! xo

  6. Rhonda, I’ve been away from the blog world for months, and finally able to get back… first blog I wanted to read was yours, and here you are, holding a brand new grand baby! Congratulations! How special to hold that wee one! Blessings to your family, I know she will be so loved!

    • Isn’t that the truth Daisy– some babies are born into the world with so many people loving them from the first.— And, I really have missed your posts– you feel like an real friend, even though we are a country apart– I just admire all you do and how you care for people… so when I opened my computer today and saw your name — it was the best!! How are you getting along? Have you been up to see the kids? What has been filling your days? Have you been traveling? speaking? I’m trying not to be nosey– but I have missed reading your work. So -thanks for the note here– so fun to hear from you!!! hugs hugs!

      • Rhonda, you are such an encourager! Thank you so much for your kind words and your friendship! — they mean a lot to me. I’ve been doing some of everything you mentioned. I’m looking forward to posting more often now that my computer problems are getting fixed! 🙂

        • ugh. Computer problems. I dropped my –really it just slid down my leg and bounced on the carpet and it cost a fortune for a whole new top to my laptop! Hope you’ve got things all on the mend and working well. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be back in touch!! thanks for the new post- what we need to remember. hugs hugs!

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