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bb20b0143b4a314e235a4f05f8199af5Hi Reading Friends– First can I let you know I’ve added a new page here.  It’s the tab below The Thankful Heart title– and it’s called Booklist.  For a long while I’ve kept a list of books-read in a little binder–just to remember good authors, titles I’d recommend. But I’ve moved them on to my blog–mostly because I love seeing other people’s books lists!  As when you visit someone new and have the urge to saunter over and browse through the books on their shelves…  So take a look of you’re equally nosey about what other people are reading!

And here’s a few recent books read, that I would say are worth your while…

5175kwhmhl-_sy346_Written by one of my favorite favorite bloggers, Shannan Martin– This books tells the her story. She and her husband Cory had prestigious jobs, their dream farmhouse on acreage and 3 beautiful kids adopted from around the world, when they felt God’s call on their lives to a new way of living.  She’s funny and frank and feels like your best friend by the end of the book.

51w6qupzcll-_sx319_bo1204203200_A Man called One by Fredrick Backman is the story of a Swedish curmudgeon who despairs of life after losing his beloved wife.  When new neighbors moving in next door knock down his mailbox, it sets off a series of events that rattle Ove’s world. A tender book about an odd, but lovable man.  (now a movie)

unknown-6I ran out to find another Fredrick Backman book, soon as I had finished reading Ove!  My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry is the lively story of a young girl who delivers a series of apology notes from her crotchety grandmother after the old woman passes away and in the process our little heroine learns a lot about her family.

One of the most gripping books I’ve read, When Breath Becomes Air, was written by Paul Kalanithi in the last year of his life. Kalanithi was a 36 year old neurosurgeon, graduate of Stanford, Cambridge and Yale who talks about his life as a surgeon, a husband, a eventually a new father while he faces his last months fighting lung cancer.  A brilliant man who continues to give through his writing.  Epilogue by his wife, also a doctor.

unknown-2When I read this story of one family’s amazing struggles living in the slums of India, I thought it was heart rending fiction.  Only afterward did I find it was a story told from years of research in that actual place in Mumbai based on scores of interviews.  Behind the Beautiful Forevers will change your heart toward India and it’s beautiful people.  (Author Katherine Boo is a Pulitzer Prize winner)

unknown-4In Pursue the Intentional Life, Jeanne Flemming wrote out of her collected quotes and writings and conversations she’d collected in her “old lady file”– things she wanted to remember when she came to this stage of life.  It’s an insightful look at what is true and real and eternal.  I loved her book A Mother’s Heart when I had small children, and now this new book is just what I need as I step into retirement!

512JUvlc8bL._AC_US320_QL65_Well, if you’re a fan of Downton Abbey (and I am!) you’ll love this book by Downtown’s script writer Julian Fellowes.  Belgravia is the story of two families whose fortunes and family members intertwine and secrets are revealed as the book progresses.  Set in the 1800’s after Waterloo in London’s fashionable Belgravia neighborhood.  Great fun!


Thank you for the book in a pocket pic.

26 thoughts on “From my Booklist

  1. Oh Belgravia is right up my alley. I’m a huge fan of Downton Abbey and period dramas in general, yet I find it difficult to find a good book in that genre. I guess there is perhaps less demand for them. I will definitely be checking that one out, sounds like a lot of drama and intrigue haha. Great suggestions, and nice blog too.

    Would you by any chance be interested in sharing your thoughts and opinions on Creators? I’d love to build up the novels/literature/books section on the platform, in case you’d be keen to share your work. Let me know if you’d be interesting in becoming a Creator. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail for more info. My contact details are on my blog.

  2. I listened to both of the Fredrick Backman books on audible and loved them both! The humor is subtle and I smiled throughout, and the books are so well written. When Breath Becomes Air has also been on my list for some time. Thanks for the other recommendations – I will check then out!

    • The Ove book is a movie out now– but not close to our house– would be interesting to see how they play him in a film– and all the flashbacks. I loved the memories of his wife… When Breath Becomes Air was amazing. It’s short but so worthwhile–and I looked up his wife after I read it and watched an extensive interview with her. I finished the book sitting at the airport waiting for a flight and was trying not to sob too loudly in the middle of a room full of strangers! Happy Reading Jasmine! xo

  3. Rhonda, you know I love when you post your very own book reviews. It makes me want to drop every thing and go to the library (or check online) and check these books out so I can read them. I’m looking forward to going through your new tab and seeing what you have on the list. Great idea! 🙂

    • Hi Daisy– I’d love love to see your booklist too! Do you have favorite authors? Any books you’ve reread? I’m kind of a book cheapskate– always making requests at the library– or borrowing from my friends who buy the newer books! And I’d love to hear some books you’ve loved in the past… OK, hope you are stepping in to a wonderful weekend. hugs friend!

  4. I’m not sure what happened to me but I experienced some kind of big disconnect in my memory/concentration and have difficulty reading any longer. That’s actually part of the reason I started and kept blogging. I thought it would be good for me…but I still enjoy looking at lists like this, and yes, I always check out people’s books – and am always a bit suspicious if they don’t have any, lol! 🙂

  5. Am reading Ove right now and I love it! Behind the Beautiful Forevers is one of my all time favorites, I recommend it to everyone because it is so eye-opening. When Breath Becomes Air is on my list and I guess I will have to add the Julian Fellows title because duh, Julian Fellows. I just finished Georgia by Dawn Tripp. It is fiction but about artist Georgia O’Keefe and her husband Alfred Steiglitz. A great read. Their marriage was quite complicated – Kat

    • Isn’t Ove one of a kind?? It’s a movie out right now (Swedish with subtitles) but not near our house, so I don’t know if I’ll make the trek to see it. And thanks for the tip– it’s on my “find it at the library list.” I really like artist biographies– I read 3 of Irving Stone’s artists stories (Michelangelo, Van Gogh and Pissarro) all so well researched. So I’ll track this one down… Have any other recommendations Kat? Sounds like you read the same books! Hope your week has pockets of lazy reading tucked all through it. Love chatting back and forth with you! xox

  6. Getting caught up on your blog since moving. Thought there’d be more baby pictures…but I always love your book posts and to my great delight a whole book tab now!! Perfect!! Thank you!

    • Hey neighbor!! I want to march down and get a tour of your new house! — fun to hear from you Jenny! and I’m trying to not overdo it on the baby pictures–but I am writing a whole Lois and SF post extravaganza!! She’s a doll– one of your many core group babies! Talk to you soon! xox

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