San Francisco — Grandma Style!



Hi friends– Two of our kids and their families live in San Francisco, so we’re often trekking up the Interstate.  Usually our stays are laced with scenic hikes, new restaurants, favorite books shops, and some fun touristing (I’m talking the Delores Mission around the corner from Bi Rite Ice Cream!).

But I’m just home from almost 3 weeks in SF with a whole new agenda– meeting and welcoming new baby Lois!  It was all snuggles on the couch, stroller walks, diaper changes and lots of early firsts–first bath, first visit to her pediatrician, first outing downtown…  I was besotted.  And loved the quieter, gentler version of this SF visit.

So here’s some highlights from those magical days with Little Lois and her newly minted parents, Ani & Brian.

Since our Lois arrived 10 days early, we spent her first few days washing up baby clothes and sheets and blankets and organizing her new room, things we had planned to do before she was born.
img_2684    img_3267

There were some fun “firsts”– Here she is on her first day out to lunch,  her first check up with the pediatrician, after her first bath,  watching her first Cal Berkeley game with her grandma, her first trip down town SF.
img_3340     img_2702


14712640_10105843923227813_193101702419918923_o     img_3372

And, happily for me, there are two other grand-kids just across town.  So we there was some more chances to grand-mother away with our Mae and Eero.  Love those 2 bright and spunky kids.  photos: Mae in the box of buddies, out for a walk, story time with Gr. Larry, and Eero and his Dad watch a video of him knocking down the tower of blocks.

img_3400     img_3392


And the best part of a grandma’s trip to SF?  The sweetest bit for me is watching our kids be such smart and tender parents.  It’s a whole new time of life for them and it’s a joy to watch them take it up so well.
img_2707   img_3496

It was a marvelous memorable time and I’m so thankful that little Lois is here.  So much joy.

Thanks Aaron, Jessica, Mae & Eero for the fun hang-outs!! And thanks too, to Ani & Brian for the sweetest time with the new baby Lois.

24 thoughts on “San Francisco — Grandma Style!

  1. What a precious post Rhonda, your new little grand daughter is just beautiful and how wonderful that you are close enough to visit so frequently. What a lovely and loving family you have. Have a great day.

  2. Thank you for letting us take a peek into the sweet every days of your beautiful grandbabies. They are absolutely adorable and so blessed to have you as their grandma!💗💙💗

    • Hey Ani– you know I’d say the same thing about you! I’m hoping our grand-kids grow to be as sweet and smart as those 4 next door! Hugs. I’ll try to catch you in the yard soon so we can catch up! xo

  3. Just beautiful. You are just the best gramma ❤️. And that new baby 👶 girl is a little doll. I can see how much fun you had with her and your other two littles in SF. Darren & family lived in the Delores Mission area and we know it well.

    Ps Lois has an adorable room. So bright and cheery.

    Your fan. 😊. Judy.

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    • Judy– you are so dear. You know how sweet it is to spend days with the grand-kids. Yep, we love to visit up in SF, –the mission is such an interesting neighborhood. Our other daughter worked there for a few years. Take care friend. xox

  4. Oh, Baby Lois is SO sweet–adorable, as are all of your grandchildren. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Her room is gorgeous. If only every child could be born into a family of such overflowing love. (Not trying to put a damper to the post with that last comment, only saying yours is special and by sharing your joy, you’re setting beautiful examples for all).

    • Thanks Marcia– I know you’ll love it when you have grand-girls to care for. And I imagine they’ll hear lots of stories and have the best libraries!! Always fun to hear from you Marcia– you’re so kind… xox

    • Ha Cate– I’m saying thanks to you for wading through yet another of my grandma posts– it’s the equivalent of the old granny acosting every one with her little photo book! But truth by told, I love seeing your girls on Facebook too! What are you doing for thanksgiving? Cooking? Going to family? Hope it’s full of blessings! xox

    • She’s a doll Daisy– You understand–I could could just sit for hours and watch her. And Ani (my daughter) texts photos out to all the family most every day so we’re watching her grow bit by bit!

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