Grammy Camp 2016


Hello friends– I’m pretty much sprawled out on the couch this morning– winding down after 3 busy days of Grammy Camp with those wacky, lovable, full of fun grand-girls.  It was a fine time– and we tried to stick to our two Grammy Camp Rules:  #1. Eat ice cream once a day  #2. No Grumping (that one had a couple infractions!)

Our Saturday outing was to the Discovery Science Museum– trying out all the exhibits with Grandpa Larry.

img_3890     img_3894


Playgrounds are high on our Grammy Camp list and we managed a couple of good ones.
img_3925     img_3795

And we spent a sunny afternoon painting picture frames in the backyard.

img_3949     img_3974

Three pajamaed girls followed Treasure Hunt clues to find sprinkles, whipped cream, bananas, chocolate sauce… so next morning we could fix up our Oatmeal Sundaes for breakfast– started the days with “breakfast & Bible stories”
img_3807    img_3874

Friday we baked up some chocolate chip pumpkin bread and delivered them to Great Grandparents with a a rousing (noisy?) version of “Gobble Gobble Gobble Fat Turkeys are We!”  — and had extra hangout time with Great Grandma Honey for her 87th birthday dinner with the family.

img_3773     img_3801

And my favorite part of the weekend was reading Thanksgiving books and sketching out blessings on our Thankful Heart Charts.

We ended the weekend at Yogurtland to get in our daily ice cream before we hit the road back up to Ojai (some people had more toppings than yogurt!)
img_3996     img_4002
Thanks Charlotte, Maryann and Jobay– for all the songs and hugs and giggles.  It’s a joy to watch you grow year by year…

16 thoughts on “Grammy Camp 2016

  1. It is so fun to relive these fun, young years with your adorable grand girls! I am exhausted just reading all that you did in one short weekend! What wonderful memories you’ve created for the girls from celebrating their great grand parents to painting under the big tree! 💗💗💗

    • Hey Andi! You know about fun with grand-kids! After we took them home Sunday night, I mostly sat on the couch all day Monday! But it was fun– and we went to see the Peter Pan at the high school. I heard Gracie was helping with that! Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving ahead. Are you the cook?! hugs hugs.

    • Hi Glenda! Yep, you know all about having grand-kids in the house! lovely exhausting fun! How about our Jacque? praying for her, like I’m sure you are and so many people– wish she were close so we could go give her a (very gentle) hug! take care friend and enjoy your Thanksgiving time off with the family!! xox

    • Hey Kat– they’re back again this weekend for a big early extended family Thanksgiving tonight– just lasagna and pie. Going to have a house full in about an hour. Hope your weekend was a fine one friend. hugs hugs.

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