Family Cranberry Sauce


Hi all– I don’t know about you, but for me a plate of turkey dinner isn’t complete without cranberries.  I grew up on the kind of sauce that pops out of a can, but when I met Larry, his dad was the master cranberry sauce maker in the family and this is his recipe.

It’s so simple– just 4 ingredients and a food processor and your set.  Over the years with friends, I’ve had fancier cranberry sauces– spiced with ginger or mixed with figs or slightly alcoholic.  But for me this fresh simple sauce is just the best!

12 oz. bag cranberries
2 oranges, include the peel
2 apples, include the skin, remove stem and seeds
1  1/2 cup sugar

With a food processor coarsely grind up the cranberries, then the oranges, then the apples. Mix them all together in a large bowl with the sugar and let the flavors meld in the fridge until you’re ready to eat!




Here’s Grandpa Stu, the original cranberry sauce maker, along with Grandma Honey and one of their grand grand-kids, a future cranberry sauce maker


13 thoughts on “Family Cranberry Sauce

  1. I love passing on traditions like this and that cranberry sauce sounds so fresh & fun! I hafta say I want a Grandma Honey! I did have a Grandma Carmel (Carmelita) who I miss to this day. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you! 🙂

    • Hi Daisy– I just used Gala because that’s what was on sale this week at the market. But any red apple would do (red to keep the sauce a pretty color). Happy cooking this week!! We’re having a Chinese?American Thanksgiving with my daughters in-laws. Should be sweet.

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