Bittersweet Thanksgiving


Hello friends– I’m wondering about your Thanksgiving.  Was the turkey tender, the cranberries tart?  Did you eat too much pie and was there a baby or two to pass from lap to lap?

We had a sweet day with our kids in San Francisco and all our son-in-law’s extended family –with a new baby, some memorable pecan pie and an after dinner walk up the hill to see the sunset over the ocean.

But this week we also had an alarming health scare in the family.  Hospital stays, anxious nights and prayers for God’s love and mercy.  The difficult side of life.  I’m hopeful for a good recovery and thankful to be back home with my mom tonight.

Here’s a few of my favorite memories of the week up north (grand-kids, grandparents and that pie!) :

img_4413     img_4581

img_4461     img_4417

Thankful Ani & Brian for the days with you and that baby Lois.


31 thoughts on “Bittersweet Thanksgiving

  1. So sorry to hear about the hospital stay and hope whomever is feeling poorly is better soon. Life can be very hard and I am sorry that you just faced that. Your family, and you are a lovely light in our world. Be well my friend~

    • You are so dear Cindy. My mom had 2 strokes last week (she’s 85)– I’m staying with her now and it’s a sweet time– and I’m hopeful she’ll recover well over the next weeks… thank you.

  2. You have a beautiful family! So sorry to hear about your hospital scare! Your family will be in my prayers. My thanksgiving was great! Ate and slept a little too much, but I got some shopping done in between to burn off those calories!

    • You’re so kind Brittany– sounds like the best kind of Thanksgiving. I’m thinking about shopping–behind on getting ready for Christmas this year! And my mom is home now (I’m staying with her) after 2 small strokes this week. Trusting God’s care and mercy for her. And— God best blessings on your wedding this week!! and for all the beautiful years ahead. So exciting! Hugs from here!

    • You are so dear Debi– I’m with mom for the next few days and hopeful she’ll recover bit by bit. How was your Thanksgiving?? Did you cook for Brian and the girls? It would be fun to have those 2 in the kitchen! Hugs friend.

  3. Oh Rhonda, I’m sending you so much love and Light, my friend. Is everything ok? Hugs!!
    My Thanksgiving was lovely…. spent with old friends in a home surrounded by nature (and full of yummy food too). Many blessings, Rhonda ❤ Loving, Debbie

  4. Rhonda, so sorry to hear about your Mom… praying she’ll soon recover completely! Those pictures you shared are just precious! Praying for you, too…it’s tough when we’re taking care of someone we love and to see them hurting…may the Lord strengthen you and give you peace as you take care of your Mom. xo

  5. Oh, Rhonda, so sorry to hear about your mom’s health scare–an especially difficult time of year to face life’s harsher realities. Sending healthy thoughts in hopes she’ll surprise you all with a very quick recovery. Your family pictures are beautiful, such gorgeous grandchildren.

  6. Oh my goodness Rhonda the pictures of the kiddos are so adorable! I am sorry for the health scare though. It is so hard to watch our parents start to have health issues. I’m sending you big hugs and prayers. Hang in there.

    • Hi Kat– you are so dear. My mom is still bright as ever, but weak and so tired. We all love her so and this is so hard… –and- just read through your cranberry mimosa drink. Just in time for Christmas! looks delish.

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