Anticipating Christmas!

Hi friends– I don’t know about you, but I’m an big anticipator.  I get a whole lot of joy imagining all the “Christmas” coming up this month.  Here’s what’s on my mind and heart:

#1. Today, I’m picking up my sis to Christmas shop.  We’ve been Christmas shopping together since we were 8 years old, pooling our $6 to buy all the family gifts!  We talk and shop and eat our way across town! The best.

#2. Bringing home the Christmas tree that Larry’s strapped to the top of the car.  I love that bit of piney green in the house with all the well worn ornaments.

#3. Listening to Christmas music, cranking up the Messiah while I put cookies into the oven.

#4. Evenings celebrating with dear friends, hearing Christmas plans and hopes…

#5. Hugging all our kids as they come in the door to stay.  They come from far and wide–so we have people piled high sleeping in every room of our small house.

#6. Decorating cookies with the grand-girls, sprinkles flying in every direction.

#7. Christmas Eve lunch with our parents, kids and grandkids, sitting down to share a big meal with the people we love most.

#8. Our big crazy Christmas Eve supper at my bother Mark’s house. Fifty of us all catching up, giving hugs, taking pictures…

#9. Christmas night tapas (thanks to our years in Spain) by the fireplace with the kids, a quiet end to Christmas.

#10. Tranquil moments through these weeks ahead, to thank God for his son come to show us his great love, to sing, to pray, to rest in Him.  God is good.

Thank you for the reindeer.


24 thoughts on “Anticipating Christmas!

  1. God, Rhonda, this is beautiful. Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate and share Christmas. Celebrating you and your family. 🙂 Loving, Debbie ps – looking forward to seeing some Christmas cookie recipes!

    • Hey Debbie– thanks sweet friend. I made 260 sugar cookies yesterday. A bunch of young moms are coming over to decorate them and take them home. I’m on a cookie baking rampage… I’m sure you’ll see them! What are you looking forward to at Christmas? And– how is your writing coming along? Has it been hard to keep the momentum in the move?? hugs hugs!

      • I am so looking forward to Christmas – it’s a loving community where I moved to, so we have a tree-trimming tomorrow night, secret santas, and Christmas festivities. So grateful.

        Funny you mentioned my writing … just got back to it today. Please keep it in your prayers. xo Blessings Rhonda my friend

        • Glad to hear you’re thinking and writing and getting it ready to share with us Debbie… and thankful for your new community –it sounds like a good place for you. We’re having about 30 young gals come tonight for an ornament exchange–lots of noisy fun. So I’m baking this morning… Blessings friend!

  2. Sounds like you cover all the special things to do at Christmas. Wonderful how your big family can stay over, right there with you to ring in Christmas Day. And 50 at your brother’s house, what a great tradition. I think repeating rituals, like tapas etc. really helps in keeping memories alive. Merry Christmas, Rhonda!

    • Hey Marcia– I do love having the kids come in the door for Christmas! What do you all do? Visit your sons family our out west to your daughter’s?? — and love your pen pal post!! Is it a lost art? I feel like you might be the closest thing I have to a pen pal now! hugs hugs!

    • Agree Cate! Lots of hub-bub and running around, but I’m really enjoying it. Tonight we have 30 young gals coming in for an ornament exchange– so I’m baking and looking forward to a good noisy time! Christmas hugs!!

    • Hey Lilly– are you traveling this Christmas?? Will you be with your family? Do you have a break from school? I saw a show on t.v. about Manilla and they said Christmas was a big holiday there. Do you celebrate it? (too many questions???) Take care friend. hugs hugs!

      • Hi Rhonda! You’re so sweet. Yes, we do have 1 week break this Christmas. We are going to visit one of the orphanage in Cambodia and we’ll give teddy bears to the small kids as our present for them then we’ll go to one of the islands here for about a week to spend our short xmas break. Yes, in the Philippines, we start preparing for Christmas in September and ends in January. 😍

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas season for you and you lovely family. I ran into Luanne at Butterfield Ranch Elementary last week…what a treat to see her…wish we had had more time to visit…praying your mom is feeling better. Love and hugs…and see you on the 29th

    • Hey Debi! She told me you crossed paths! I think she’ll be around there more, volunteering in her grand-daughter’s class. Sounds like you are doing that too! Mom is getting better bit by bit. It’s a blessing and she is intrepid! Hope you have a blessed Christmas with your dear family, friend!

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