Christmas Together 2016

Hello there– Hoping you had a sweet Christmas time with people you love–hugs and talks and good meals together.  We started off with a quick trip up the coast for Christmas with kids and then came home for more Christmas with kids here.

San Francisco Christmas with old AA, Jessica, Mae & Eero.

img_5130     img_5100
photos: By the Christmas trees, always reading, walk to Blue Bottle for coffee.

Then home for 10 days o Christmas with family.

img_5246     img_5250

photos:  Christmas cooking decorating, art projects and Christmas books.

It was a chance for cousins & grand grandparents to meet new little Lois.

img_2717     img_0787

photos: Maryann gets to know her new cousin, Four generation photo with Great Grandma Lo, Great Grandma Helen cuddles Lois, Little Lo sleeping on Grandma’s lap.

My favorite times were sitting down together around the table.

img_5339     15726444_1049538298490396_811862882914609426_n


img_5668     ezvw3423
photos: Great Grandparents, Helen, Stu & Lorraine after Christmas Eve lunch,  cooking in the kitchen with Jodi, my second-sis Jenon on Christmas Eve, Christmas breakfast, Christmas night supper–tapas by the fire.

And there was some gift opening on Christmas morning after Grandpa Larry read the Christmas story.

img_5549     img_5560

And a last few photos to remember the days together.

img_5707    img_0779

photos: Micah, Jodi & 3 girls off to have family portrait taken, Ani & Brian (with little Lois) on a post Christmas hike, Laurel-the ever ready baby holder, family together on Christmas Eve.

Sorry for the photo overload!!  It was a fine full couple weeks.
Hope your Christmas was a sweet one and that you are hopeful for all that the New Year holds ahead…

32 thoughts on “Christmas Together 2016

  1. Oh, Rhonda! What a lovely set of photos and Christmas with your family. Love the one of Maryann getting to know her new cousin, Lois.

    I had a wonderful Christmas too. Spent it with my spiritual family here in Los Angeles at a seminar for us to share together, to tune into our hearts, and to choose love … and to have yummy refreshments too. (Of course, right?!) Then a great party on Christmas Day.

    Sending you much love and Light …. for each day to be a Christmas. And to everyone in these photos, my friend.

    Love, Love, Love,

  2. What great photos, Rhonda! And those babies and kids! They are the best part, aren’t they?! How wonderful for you to spend those days together. I pray your Mom is feeling better and recovering quickly. xo

    • Thanks Daisy– yep, I’m missing the kids. Baby Lois back up in SF and the 3 grand-girls went with their mom to visit their Chinese grandmother in Hunan, China. They’ll be gone 6 weeks! I just wait for pictures on Instagram…

  3. Ronda, Happy New Year to you and your sweet family. I’m new to blogging at WP and I’m pleased to have stumbled upon your blog. Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us.

  4. Oh, look at you all! What wonderful wonderful family pictures! That top one is amazing and so many good ones to follow. I wonder if your crowns came out of Christmas poppers (or crackers), we have them each year. Your granddaughters are all beautiful!

    • Hi Marcia– yep, we have crackers every year our big meal on Christmas Eve– The girls are getting big enough to get a kick out of the little jokes/riddles that come aside. With everyone gone now the house is un-Christmas-ed and so quiet! Good for reading on a rainy day, but i miss them… Always good to hear from you Blog-buddy! hugs.

  5. Rhonda these are all so fun and special! What a great few weeks!! And so much yummy food! I need to try that squash soup with beer!!! Yum!!

    • Hey Jenny! Yep, we had it a couple times up at Ani & Brian’s and I really like it. Thanks for coming down at Christmas– and for your amazing toffee (I sort of hoarded it and ate most of it myself!) Ani loved seeing you… hugs hugs.

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