Lasting Love

Helen and Stu with us at Yogurrtland (family hang out!) last spring

Hello friends– I want to slip one more family event into this little blog/scrapbook.  This week we celebrated Larry’s parent’s 68th wedding anniversary!!  They were married on January 9th, 1949– a day remembered here for it’s unheard of snowfall in Long Beach, where they were married.

Stu & Helen waiting for the start of grandson Adam’s wedding where Stu gave a beautiful blessing to the young couple  

Just one story– Last November I sat with Stu at the hospital waiting for the replacement of Helen’s pacemaker.  When the nurse came to wheel her off to the operating room, I watched Stu bend over to give her the sweetest reassurances and kiss her before she was taken.  His tender care for her in these last years has taught us all the depths of lasting love.

Stu & Helen meeting new baby Lois this Christmas time

So Happiest Anniversary Stu & Helen.  God bless & keep you.  Here’s to a wonderful year with all the family ahead…  We do love you both!!

Our Stu & Helen a few years back at their Big Bear Cabin


13 thoughts on “Lasting Love

  1. Wonderful reminder of love between spouses and how we need to cherish that and emulate it!! Thanks for the post, I was touched even without knowing them. We can only hope for such length of time together.

    • Hi Lucinda– I so agree. There’s a lot to learn from people who stay tender and careful in their love for each other.
      we’ve been married 41 years and are still figuring it out! It is an adventure– and I wouldn’t trade it. take care… xox

  2. What a beautiful tribute, Rhonda! Just from reading this, anyone can see that they are a special couple and an example to us all of enduring love. I’m sure if we were to sit down and talk with them, they could tell us of happy times as well as difficult times… because that’s just how life is. Thanks for “introducing” us to them. 🙂

    • Really?! My parents and Larry’s were both married that year. It’s a little hard to believe– so many years together. I love being with them and thankfully they live close. Are your parents nearby?? xox

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