Chocolate Croissant Braid


Hey there– Love this little pastry because it reminds me of a corner coffee cafe across the street from Cal,  where our Ani went to college.  When I’d go up to visit, we’d sit under the trees and watch hundreds of students stream by.  Our usual was tea and chocolate croissants.

So when I came across this recipe, I was on it!  I think one of it’s chief virtues is that is has a great effort to appearance ratio– so super easy, yet pretty on the plate.  Plus puff pastry wrapped around chocolate??!!  It’s a yes. Delicious warm from the oven!


1 sheet frozen puff pastry
4.4 oz. chocolate bar (milk or dark)
1 egg
2 to 4 tablespoons sliced almonds
2 tab. powdered sugar


Lay the puff pastry on a baking sheet that has been lined with parchment paper.  Let it sit and defrost 30 to 40 minutes and then unfold it to a rectangle on the parchment.

Lay the chocolate in the center of the puff pastry and then cut 6 to 8 strips of dough along the long sides of the chocolate.  Cut off the corners of the pastry.  And next fold the top and bottom of the pastry over the chocolate.  Finally, “braid” the strips across the pastry to cover all the chocolate.


Beat the egg in a small cup and stir in a splash of water.  Then use a pastry brush to “paint” the egg wash over the top of the pastry.

Put the pastry in a 400 degree oven for 10 minutes.  Then pull it out and sprinkle the almonds across the stop.  Slide it back into the oven for 5 to 10 minutes more until the pastry and the almonds are a nice golden color.

Let the pastry cool for just about 10 minutes and then dust it with the powdered sugar shaken through a sieve.  Very best eaten warm from the oven!


30 thoughts on “Chocolate Croissant Braid

    • Hi Marica– I totally know what you mean– we did a lot of campus tours up and down the state with our 4 kids. It made me want to be a college kid again! And when my daughter was a Cal Berkeley, I would go stay for long weekends and talk long campus walks or sit in the cafe with my book and watch students while she was in class or working. Fun days. hugs from here Marcia!

  1. Seriously Rhonda, it’s that easy?? I had no idea you could do this. Chocolate croissants are one of my faves!! I like Trader Joes but these are great when you want something homemade. -Kat

    • OK Kat– I did not know about chocolate croissants at Trader Joe’s!! I’m tracking those down. It’s funny– I was having lunch with a bunch of friends once and we all started talking about Trader Joe’s and we all went there often for different things– we all traded “shopping lists!” I love their frozen little cubes of chopped garlic and orange vinegar! Thanks for the tip! blessings friend… xox

          • My main items: orange chicken, pub cheese (horseradish flavor is best), pizza dough, dried cherries, eggplant parm (single serving, no breading), the aforementioned croissants, pickle popcorn (summer only), peanut butter with flax seeds, marinated tofu, pineapple juice in a carton, and the honeycrisp apple juice when available (how can they make any money- it is only $2.99!). – Kat

            • OK Kat! pickle popcorn?? Is that sort of like vinegar chips??? sound great!! thanks for the list!! I always get their Spanish olive oil– it smells like dinner smells drifting out windows on a summer night in Seville. And I know– great prices. xox friend!

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