Snowy Weekend

Snowy trek up the mountain–I’d never seen such white sky!

Hey all– Are you looking out the window to see a wonderland of snow–bright & white & beautiful??  We’re snowless all winter here at our house, real snow amateurs.  But last weekend we trekked up the mountains to Big Bear through a snowy afternoon and it was magical.

We settled in to a snug cabin.

We woke up to sunshine and crisp mountain air (Larry was the snow shoveler!)
img_6280     img_6273

Some of the group took off to ski/snowboard.

While Larry and I took a long morning walk in the sunshine.

We loved every minute talking and playing games and eating and praying with this group of amazing people.  It’s wonderful to be together with them…

Thankful for the beauty and the people and the quiet of this snowy weekend.
And thanks Tyler for this sunset photo– it’s awesome! So glad and thankful for this group and for all we learn from you…

33 thoughts on “Snowy Weekend

  1. Gorgeous Rhonda! Looks like you had a fantastic time. Haven’t been to Big Bear 🙂 My spiritual org has a retreat at Lake Arrowhead, so I’ve been up that way. (Maybe it’s the same area?) Many blessings, Debbie

    • Hi Kat– yep, I can imagine that. Did I tell you I’m flying up to Madison mid-February (I probably already did because I’m so excited!!). Ready for snowy days and gray skies and hanging out with my daughter there!! Hope you have a warm cozy weekend! xox

  2. That does look magical, like a winter wonderland. Nice you can enjoy snow but then keep away from it for as long as you want. Sometimes we feel a bit stuck here midwinter surrounded by snow. Good excuse to trek to a warmer climate!

    • Do you have any travels on the horizon Marcia?? In a couple weeks I’m going up to help my daughter pack up her house. They have to more out of their home for 5 months for a remodel. Should be a lot of fun (and work!). take care… xo

  3. What beautiful photos, Rhonda! And what fun to spend that time with such a great group! I bet your walk (with your husband) was wonderful, too. When we lived in snowy weather, I just loved to go outside right after a big snow fall… everything was so quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. It sounds like you had a great time! I’m sure they appreciated your tasty cooking, too! 🙂

    • You’re right Daisy– it did seem really tranquil there– or maybe it was just being away from home– but it was a beautiful couple days… Our grand-girls have never been in the snow and I’m wishing we could get them up there this winter!! Got your email –thanks! xox

    • HI there Lilly– It is really beautiful, especially when it is falling and everything seems so quiet and still. With all your travels, you would have to go a ways to find snow!! But I have a feeling you’ll find it ahead… Always love to hear from you Lilly– you’e so kind. xo

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