Reading on the Couch


Hi Reading Friends– I don’t know about you, but all this winter weather (that means finally lots of lovely rain here!) — makes me want to curl up on the couch with the fuzziest blanket and read away an afternoon, hot mug of tea in hand.

Here’s what I’ve been reading– not earth shattering books, but good company on a rainy afternoon.

unknownA chance meeting at a christening party, results in the break up of two marriages and a new marriage, pulling together a complicated web of 4 adults and 6 kids.  When Franny, a daughter grows and dates a famous author, he writes their involved story and the families revisit their intertwined pasts together.
Love Ann Patchett’s books (especially Bel Canto and Truth & Beauty, a memoir).  And this one follows suit, with characters you may not admire, but are so understandable and a story line that weaves lives together in an intriguing way.


unknown-1Does it seem like there is a spate of best selling WWII books?  Here’s another.  Lilac Girls tells the stories of 3 women– Caroline, a NY socialite championing causes for war victims, Kasia a Polish teenager, working with the resistance who finds herself detained at Ravensbruck and Herta, a young German doctor, called to work for the Nazis.  It’s not gorgeous prose, but the story pulls you along right up to the end– and is based on actual people whose lives played these parts in the war.

unknown-2The Golden Son by Shilpi Somaya Gowda is an immigrant tale–one of my favorite themes since we were immigrants in Spain for those years.  Childhood friends, Anil and Leena take different paths. He leaves behind the rural farming community in India for medical school and residency in Dallas, while Leena stays behind and is trapped into a desperate marriage.  It is a story of love, honor, responsibility and tradition–and a look at two fascinating lives.

painting: Girl Reading on Sofa (1920) Isaac Israel

17 thoughts on “Reading on the Couch

  1. These all look like books I’d enjoy. The only one I don’t recognize is Lilac Girls (love that cover!) I may have to add them to my very long list. 🙂 And I ❤ the painting. Isaac Israel (sp?) is new to me. Glad you enjoyed some reading time!

    • Hi Marcia– yep, seems like there’s more reading time since things slow down a bit after Christmas. Have a request in for Daisy Goodwin’s Victoria at the library– Are you watching Victoria on PBS?? It’s taken from Goodwin’s book– love the production. take care friend. xo

  2. These all sound good Rhonda. I must admit I haven’t been doing as much reading these last few months. Maybe when winter returns. You’re right, nothing beats snuggling up on the couch with a good book when it’s cold outside. Enjoy. xo

  3. Hi Rhonda – Commonwealth is on my list. I am reading Swingtime right now by Zadie Smith and it is great! I also just finished LaRose by Louise Erdich. That was not an easy read bec she refuses to use conventions like quotation marks (why?) but the story is lovely. Happy reading friend! XO – Kat

    • Hey Kat– thanks for the tips. I know what you mean– I tried (didn’t finish!) to read Wolf Hall and the punctuation was off and she didn’t identify which characters were speaking often–and it was so long! so I gave up (not as intrepid as you!). Fun to hear what you’re reading Kat! xo

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