To China and Back


Hello all– Our three grand-girls and their amazing mom have been off to China for about 6 weeks.  They traveled to Hunan Province for Chinese New Year with their other Grandparents there!  From all I heard it was a sweet time– here are my favorite photos:

The girls with their grandparents in China.

Jodi and the girls sitting down with her parents for the sumptuous New Year’s feast!  (Jodi’s mom is an amazing cook!)

Twelve amazing dishes for the feast! –my favorite  rice coated meatballs–and the crabs!!

Welcome Home at LAX.  Missed these girls and their mom, so glad glad they’re home.  Love that big smile Jobay!!!

P.S. Thanks Jodi for all your beautiful photos!  xox

39 thoughts on “To China and Back

    • I think it was a sweet time– Jodi’s mom has the tiniest kitchen, but she is an amazing cook. I’ve had a lot of her spicy meals on our trips to China in the past. Take care friend– hope you’re in the middle of a refreshing weekend. (is it warm there?? I’m in Madison WI with my daughter and people were out and about in tank tops today!!) hugs!!

  1. Oh how fun and what a great opportunity for them to be able to visit! I was a little awed by those crabs because at first glance, I thought they were buns!! They’re so fat and beautiful What a feast!!

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