Thankful Today

Hi Friends– Here’s my morning yesterday– I walked by those freesias on the table and was surprisingly thankful to see them fresh and bright.  I didn’t plant them.  Someone before us in this house did.  But for 23 years, jugfuls have popped up every spring.  They’re a gift every year.

And it made me thankful– for small things all day.  Sitting in the sunshine eating frozen yogurt with my mom.  Face timing with Lois (and her mom while she folded the laundry).  Green hills and snow on the mountains to the north.  A quiet dinner at the kitchen table with Larry.  Bright funny friends who come in on Monday nights to talk & pray.  And rest at the end of the day knowing God’s great love and mercy.

There’s more. But that’s enough to fill a heart. So thankful.

18 thoughts on “Thankful Today

  1. What gorgeous flowers! I love perennials, they are such a wonderful surprise every year. We have flowers that the previous owner’s planted too, and every year they make me smile 😀 Have a wonderful day my friend!

    • Agree. I love that those freesias come up on their own every year without any coaxing from me. What flowers do you have coming up?? I always plant sweet peas and this year they are not doing as well! Still hoping for masses of flowers in a month or so. Hope you have a good weekend ahead. What is your family up to?? xo

        • Hey Marcia– I’d love to be able to grow blueberries– wrong climate here. And our apricot tree gives us about 2 apricots a year!! (not the climate, I think just poor gardening)– But I’m hopeful for a big crop of tomatoes for this summer. We’ll see… Are you deep in snow there?? Been seeing it on the news! Hope it’s good for the coming blueberries! hugs hugs friend.

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