Out & About In Ojai


Hello friends– Last weekend Larry and trekked up the coast to Ojai for a day with the 3 grand-girls and their dear parents.  After these crazy winter rains, the citrus groves and hillsides stretched out green and lush–beautiful drive into the valley…

Jodi pulled out the wok to make us a tableful of a delicious lunch, while Mary Ann and Grandpa set up for a round of her latest game invention– Buzzing Bee.

There was a hike down to the creek and some splashy wading (for girls, not grandmas!)


Also, a lot of browsing and a few selections at Bart’s Books (a rambling indoor/outdoor used books store) — followed by pizza and gelato at Papa Lemon’s.


And Jodi rounded us all up for a few family photos just outside their front door (thanks Jodi– you know this grandma loves family pictures!)

Thanks Micah and Jodi– loved loved the meals, the talks and time with you all… It’s the best!!


40 thoughts on “Out & About In Ojai

      • Hi Rhonda. Looks like you live in a beautiful part of the world too. My week’s been good thanks. Trying to get a few things done before I start my new job. Hope all’s well with you too. xo

          • Hi Rhonda, yes I start next Monday and I must admit I am a bit nervous but also excited. It’s an admin job for Bushwalking Victoria, full time training for two weeks then three days a week after that so hopefully should be a good work/life balance. It’s been a while!
            Hope all’s well with you Rhonda. xo

    • Hi Marcia–Yep, Ojai is nestled in a little valley off the coast and is fully citrus groves– sort of our equivalent of your jaunts along the eastern coast! It’s 130 miles north– so it makes a nice full day to head up there. Waiting to see you next travels… hugs friend!

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