Day in L.A.


Hi friends– Tomorrow is our anniversary– #42!  (Yikes! Where did all those years go?)  We celebrated last weekend with a 14 hour vacay- a little art, a walk along the beach and of course, breakfast, lunch & dinner!  Here’s our day:

Breakfast at my new favorite restaurant–Republique


Spent a tranquil morning at LACMA– (wonderful Reformation special exhibit from 3 German museums)


Lunch at Joan’s on Third–deli & market

There was an afternoon walk along the beach at Santa Monica.

And a stop for gelato on a stick  before we headed up to West Hollywood for dinner at Shake Shack.

Thank you Larry for walking through all the ups and downs of 42 years together.  It’s been grand–   looking forward to all we have ahead…


45 thoughts on “Day in L.A.

  1. What a great day and a fun way to celebrate!
    Rhonda, I’m looking at your picture and pretty sure you got married when you were 12! LOL.
    Love you.

  2. Awww Rhonda! I love this. Sounds like you and Larry had a wonderful day. Where oh where is gelato on a stick in LA. I must visit. 🙂 Congratulations on your anniversary. Blessings to you both, Debbie

  3. From top to bottom, what gorgeous photographs, Rhonda! And what a wonderful way to celebrate. Love the Shake Shop shot, of course. Along with your wedding portrait. Your headpiece is super cute.
    Happy Anniversary!

    • Thanks Marcia– so kind. It was a good restoring day away– like a vacation– We don’t get up to Los Angeles that often. 30 miles away, but a different world than here. take care Marcia! xo

  4. Happy Anniversary, Rhonda and Larry. Love the photos of you and Larry as pups!
    So, where is Republique and why do you like it?

    • Hi Sandy! I know. That photo was a long long time ago! Republique is on La Brea– incorporates the old original La Brea Bakery. It’s a fancy $$ French restaurant at night, but for breakfast and lunch is affordable. And has amazing pastries and egg dishes. Is in a cool restored old building. I want to get back again and try some other dishes! Missed you at lit group! hugs hugs friend!

  5. Rhonda, this post made me SO happy! I’ve been looking forward to seeing all your anniversary restaurant picks, but the gelato on a stick was a bonus! And I LOVE your wedding picture. Thanks for including it, and hap hap happy anniversary to you both.

  6. Oh, Rhonda! Happy belated Anniversary! What wonderful pics! My favorite, of course, was that last one of your wedding! So sweet! All the food looks wonderful and you made me hungry! May the Lord bless you with many more years together! Xoxo

    • Thanks Daisy! Funny to think about our wedding. It was simple. Mom made cakes and cookies for the reception and we just invited the whole church. My daughter’s here from Wisconsin and we’ve been doing a lot of wedding talk/planning. That’s been lots of fun… OK, hope all’s well with you Daisy. more soon!

  7. What a lovely way to celebrate! Happy belated anniversary Rhonda. You look as happy and in love today as you did on your wedding day. Wishing you many many more. ❤️❤️ xo

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