Full House

Lois visiting her great grandmother– with Mom & Grandma looking on.

Hi all– The last two weeks we’ve had waves of kids (and their fun friends) coming through the house.  There were plenty of cute grand-kids and dear great grand-mothers to pose for pics.  So I hope you’ll indulge my little family scrapbooking here– it’s a time I want to remember…

First in the door were Laurel and her three bright coworkers.  Lots of chances to get to know them over dinners and morning mugs of tea.

Then baby Lois and her parents, Ani & Brian, arrived– The following section may be titled “Lois on Laps!!”

above photos:  breakfast time with Grandpa Larry, at the Taqueria with Auntie Laurel, Four generation picture with my mom–Great Grandma Lo!! , post bath time snuggle with mom, having fun with Great Grandma Honey and Great Grandpa Stu,  And– her first taste of solid food–avocado!! (very messy & entertaining)

Then the fun began with the arrival of the three big grand-girls and their parents– Micah & Jodi!


above photos: 3 girls following clues on their treasure hunt,  coloring one of Aunt Lolo’s giant photos,  more treasure hunt clues in front of their Happy Birthday banner,  Micah & Jodi selfie,  obligatory walk to Yogurtland.

There were  few other good times–



above photos:  Lois’ first trip to the pool,  afternoon stop at Porto’s incredible bakery,  Girls’ day out to register for John & Laurel’s wedding things,  Albert & Liz dropping in for brunch, family walk…

I’m still remembering our wild and wonderful weeks together. Thanks everyone for making the trek home!  So grateful.

34 thoughts on “Full House

  1. SO SUPER CUTE!! Your grandkids are just SO adorable!! Those little round faces and big smiles remind me of YOUR drawings of kids!

    • You’re right Mollie– that’s what’s so much fun about babies! All their firsts become your firsts all over again. We gave her, her first solid food avocado– and we enjoyed it more than she did, I’m sure! I can’t wait to give that girl a lick of ice cream! Happy Easter and hope it’s a sweet time with family Mollie. xox

  2. Rhonda, these are such precious photos of you and your family! I see so much love in them and that’s what family time is all about! Thanks for sharing your special moments.Blessings to you ❤🙏

  3. Rhonda, here I am again, just catching up on all the news! Wonderful photos!! That little Lois is just the cutest!! It looks like you had a special time with everyone, I’m so glad!!

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