On Being A Mom

A cloudy day in the Spanish countryside, about 30 years ago, with little Laurel.

Hi all — I read once, that when a child is born, so is a mother…  It all begins in a haze of long nights, and a steep learning curve that includes diapers, feedings and the most delicious tender snuggles.

Then one day you realize, they’ve turned from toddlers to small kids, with long legs and minds of their own.  And for the next few years, the joy is in watching them grow and learn and stretch into the people they will become.

And finally, one day you shuttle them off to college.  But you can’t help but still be a mom, with care packages and talks about new horizons.  And when they come home to visit, it’s the best to have them at arm’s length again.

The truth is, you never stop being a mom.  My mother is 85 and I still depend on her for a listening ear and her long life perspective.  I still need her near.

With Micah and Aaron on the beach, the year we live in Costa Rica

So for Mothers’ Day, I’m thinking through my “TEN BESTS OF BEING A MOM.”  Here they are:

#1.  Can I start with reading with kids??  In the dim light of bedtime, on road trips as we roll along, snuggled on the couch–sharing a story, talking it through…

#2. Of course, I love cooking together– decorating Christmas cookies or mixing up brownies with a little kitchen dancing thrown in.

#3. Vacations!  Hiking in Sequoia, studying our way through British museums, intrepid touristing from San Francisco to New York– the most vivid memories are of times away together.

#4. Quiet bedtime talks and prayers and songs– sweet times that fill a mother’s heart.

#5. Sitting around the table, talking through the day, insisting kids eat their peas!  (would skip the eating peas part if I were starting over).

#6. Sitting in church together, singing, praying, worshipping.

#7. Walking & talking–  through the park in Seville, along the beach in So Cal, across town to Yogurtland, along the trail at Land’s End– everyday conversations.

#8. And then –there’s a special joy in watching your children become parents to children of their own, with aplomb and grace.  I marvel at what tender, smart, generous, inventive parents they’ve turned out to be!

#9.  Plus grand-kids!!  So much happiness and wonder filling up days spent with those little people.

#10. I’ll end with grown kids coming in the door for a stay–the noise, the hugs, the breakfasts at the kitchen table.   That’s happening here in a couple weeks for some bridal showers and I can’t wait to see their pretty faces!

So that’s it.  Being a Mom– I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

With Ani on her high school graduation trip to NYC.


31 thoughts on “On Being A Mom

    • Thanks Suzanne– I spent most of Mothers Day driving 8 hours north to San Francisco– but the good news I get to spend the week with my kids here. Hope your day was lovely too, Suzanne. Did you get to relax on your Mother’s Day?? Always love to hear from you friend. xo

  1. Rhonda, your kids have been so blessed to have you for a Mom. All the time you took to do all those things you talked about in your list…that is what they will remember, if not when they’re young, then when they have kids of their own and memories start coming back to them of what their parents did for them. Happy Mother’s Day to you!! Enjoy this special day with your children and those cute grand girls! 😊 Xoxo

    • Thanks Daisy!! I think you’re right about kids remembering things from their childhood’s when they have their own children! You are so dear– thankful to be in touch… xo

  2. Hi Rhonda – such a great list, I concur 100% and also loved reading to my kids and going on vacation with them. We had a lot of laughs on those trips. It all goes by so quickly! -Kat

    • I know what you mean Kat– reading to kids in the car, you have a captive audience! That’s why it’s grand to have grand-girls– I’m reading the same books all over to them! What are you reading right now? Always looking for ideas… I just got our list for our next 6 months of Lit Group– so many fun titles. Happy reading!! xox friend!

    • Hey Marica– yep all stages of mothering have their sweet parts. I’m loving this time of life– and since our kids are away, we really get to spend good time with them 24/7 when we drop in. Up in San Francisco with two of our kids families all last week– loved it. take care friend… xo

  3. Such a beautiful post you wrote Rhonda. I could relate to it all (except the grand kids, I’m not there just yet). Loved this. Beautiful and touching. 💕 xo

  4. I love this. It’s so refreshing to read your blog. I know you commented on one of my blog posts a while ago. I looked up your blog and loved it. I actually sent it over to my mom too because I knew she would enjoy it as well. And then…I happened to catch your corn salad post and I was brought back to your blog…again sharing it with my mom. The things you listed are very similar to the things I love about motherhood- bedtime stories, baking, traveling. Tonight, I wrapped my son up in his little, hooded firetruck towel after bath time, I held him and looked at his blue eyes. That’s one of my favorite moments of motherhood. It’s my favorite evening joy. In the midst of motherhood, it’s quite crazy, but I try to stop and enjoy those sweet moments. I’m sorry for the long response but I’m grateful for your post tonight. I’m enjoying learning about your life and following along. I’m also quite curious, if you don’t mind sharing a detail…did you continue teaching with kids or did you take time off when your children were young?

    • HI– You are so dear– thankful for your kind encouraging words. And you’re so smart. Appreciating those quiet moments to really drink in your child. I remember it was so easy to dash through the day and not take the time to just sit and watch them play or sit and talk… And yep, I taught while Larry was in grad school, then stopped to have 4 kids. Mid-way through there we moved to Spain for 12 years. And I worked in our churches, a couple years at an International school. But when we came home and had boys in high school I went back to teaching to we’d be able to get kids through college. I think teaching is the best job when you have kids– vacations, summers off together… So fun to hear from you! I’m wondering your name. I’m Rhonda. Enjoying your bright posts! xo

      • Thank you so much for sharing a little bit more about your story. I’m Jenny…a thirty something gal…two kids…teacher…now stay at home mom. I read your about section and it just sounds like you’ve done a really good job as a mom. I love being home and I’m so thankful for this opportunity but I always question everything. I go back and forth…hoping I have made the right choice. I imagine one day I’ll return to teaching…just as you did…but for now I’m absolutely enjoying this season. I love how much you have traveled. I hope this life allows me to travel even more one day. Thanks so much for being so sweet and replying to all my comments. I’m so happy to connect, learn about your story, and continue to follow along. Thank you.

        • HI Jenny– I’m glad for you that you’e able to be home with your two! I know you always be thankful for this time as you look back. And agree with you about traveling– I never wish we were rich to have a bigger house or a fancy car– but I would like to be able to travel to al the places on our wish list! So fun to hear from you– You’re such an encourager. thanks. xo

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