Birthday Girl’s Weekend –San Diego

Hi all–Our grand-girl Charlotte turned 10 years old!!  So to celebrate this special birthday we trekked down to San Diego for a zoo day, some late night swimming and a stroll through the Natural History Museum.

It was grand to spend the time with just Charlotte– We followed our “Fun Map” to see us through the trip.

First stop– The San Diego Zoo


Sunday morning I was in “breakfast heaven” at– Con Pane–Rustic Breads & Cafe–with a thick slab of raisin hazelnut bread & butter.

We ended out trip strolling through Balboa Park, and Charlotte’s pick– The Natural History Museum.


After a stop at the “Old Town” for a taco & enchilada lunch, we headed up the Interstate to return Charlotte to Ojai.
Thanks Char-Star for all the lively fun to add to our lives– And Happy Birthday 10 year old!!

22 thoughts on “Birthday Girl’s Weekend –San Diego

  1. How fun, memorable, precious, sweet, delicious, splashy, and muy especial three days you all had!!! Your beautiful grand-girl will never forget those moments!

  2. How fun are you as a grandma Rhonda! This was quite a full day and it’s no wonder the girl was plumb tuckered out at the end. Such great memories you are making! -Kat

    • Hi Kat– it was really fun– Charlotte has 2 little sisters, so I think she liked being with two doting grandparents all on her own! You’ll love grand-parenting– lots of fun! hugs!

    • Thanks Marcia– It was unique to have time along with just Charlotte– loved it. You and she would get along– she’s a super reader… Do you have a book list ahead?? What are you reading? xox

      • Hi Rhonda, right now I’m listening to the audio version of “The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane.” Some of the rituals are sad and shocking but otherwise I’m really enjoying the book and performance. Hard to keep up with blogging some months but I really appreciate your posts and friendship. xo

        • Oh, I have my name in at the library on the waiting list for that book. Lisa See lives here locally and spoke at Cal State by our house recently. Really fascinating. And- I know what you mean about keeping up– sometimes I think it takes more time than I want to give– and your posts are so thoughtful and researched!! Always love dropping in to see what you’ve come up with Marcia. thanks friend. xo

  3. What a great idea to spend the day with just Charlotte – I’m sure she’ll remember it always! And Happy Birthday to you!!! I did not know it was your birthday! May the Lord bless you, and keep you, and make His face shine upon you, my friend!! Xoxo

    • You’re so dear Daisy– we told the girls they could have a little trip for their #10 birthday (2 hour drive to San Diego) and we’ll go somewhere in an airplane when their #15. Hoping they remember times with us celebrating… Are you traveling for vacation this summer?? xox

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