Here Comes the Bride

Hi everyone– Just one more little scrapbook post.  Family came in from far and wide this weekend for a little pre-wedding celebrating– a Bachelorette party by the beach and two warm & wonderful wedding showers.  So happy for you Laurel & John!

It was so sweet to be with family and old friends to shower Laurel with gifts and good wishes.


There were meals together, good times getting to know John’s family come in from Wisconsin and quieter times just hanging around the house…


And we threw in a trip to the beach one day, and a picnic at the park another (complete with cherry pit spitting contest).


It was a fine full weekend– a little crazy–with it’s ups and downs (ie-engagement ring lost at the beach and found by a guy named Stan with a metal detector!!)  But lots of time together– and there’s nothing I love more than that.  Happy Wedding to come John & Laurel!!  God Bless on all that lies ahead…

P.S.  Thanks Jodi for your pictures that I “borrowed.”

24 thoughts on “Here Comes the Bride

  1. What great pics, Rhonda! And special memories. The quilt is so pretty with all the bright & cheery colors. You did a great job! All the time you put into it will be appreciated more & more as time goes by 😊

    • thanks Daisy– Laurel picked out that quilt pattern from a bunch I had pinned on Pinterest– but it really was fun to do– so varied, it never got boring to stitch up. Started sewing the top of a new baby quilt today– for a new grand baby coming. Wonder what you’re sewing now?? hugs hugs!

    • Hi Marcia!! Yes– we were pretty stressed until the ring showed up. Now John & Laurel have a good story– with a happy ending. It was a crazy good time together– when the last ones left on Tuesday, I took a 3 1/2 hour nap! How are you doing?? Do you have a summer reading program at the library? Are you traveling at all this summer? Hoe all’s well with you friend. xox

    • Thanks Kat– yep, made the quilt. Laurel picked the idea from quilts on my Pinterest. It was a fun one–lots of variety. Now I’m stating on a baby quilt for new grand-kid coming in August. Do you sew?? Knit?? xox

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