Quilt of Many Colors

Hi there– Finished stitching up this quilt for our Laurel– She and John are getting married in August this is their wedding quilt.  She has always been our most “colorful” child–so when I handed over my Pinterest quilt idea board, I wasn’t surprised when she picked this bright quilt!


It was super fun to work on with all the variety color and shapes!! –with a soft green patterned flannel backing.  About 100 hours of stitching– plenty of time to sit in front of HGTV!!  And also some quiet time to sit and stitch and pray for Laurel and John and all they good years they have ahead…

So happy for you dear girl– You’ve made our lives fuller with all your colorful adventures, including your purple tinged hair!!


24 thoughts on “Quilt of Many Colors

  1. Absolutely beautiful! You are so talented and your family is blessed with all the love and prayers stitched into their quilts. I do that too when I crochet baby blankets! 💗💗💗

    • Hi Mollie– thanks– it was fun to work on that one– so much variety. Now I’m cutting out a baby quilt– new grand-kid due in August. What are you up to?? Besides cooking for everyone around??!! hugs hugs!

    • Hi Marcia– thanks thanks– it was fun to work on! Just popped over to your blog and loved your small book post!! You are my favorite librarian– wish I could drop in to your library!! hugs hugs!

    • Hey Kat! She wasn’t too stunned because she kept texting asking for pictures of how it was coming along! ha ha. But was really fun to work on, and just finished pinning together a new baby quilt yesterday (new gran-baby coming in August!)– so a new project (and an excuse to sit on the couch and watch HGTV while I stitch it up!). hugs hugs friend!

  2. Rhonda, I’ve been away again and here I am catching up on all your wonderful posts once again! What a beautiful quilt! All that work you put into it… she will love it and treasure it always!

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