Grammy Camp 2017!!

Hi there fellow grandmas (& potential grandmas!!)– Just finished up 4 days of Grammy Camp with the 3 oldest Grand-girls.  It’s an annual event around here– Lots of crafty messes, early morning baking, a little pool time, library scavenger hunt, girls’ night out to the movies and a kidseum!

There’s just 2 rules for Grammy Camp–
#1.  One ice cream every day.  #2.  No grumping.

So here’s the highlights– lots of girly (& grandma) fun!!:
Art projects– painting initials & making Fathers Day notes and the tackiest puffy painted t-shirt!


Treasure Hunt– following clues to find the treasure — Squirt Noodles!! sorry, no photos. We were having too much fun squirting each other.

We had a couple park stops.


The girls’ favorite was splashing in Great Grandma Lo’s pool.

And we started everyday with Breakfast & Bible stories.  (Here’s the view sitting across the table from Jobay! Note the oatmeal is not disappearing.)

Spent our last day at the Bower’s Museum Kidseum!  Lots of hands-on fun for 3 girls.


Thanks Charlotte, Maryann and Jobay for tons of fun!!  It’s always makes my heart happy when you walk in the door!

P.S.– A few friends have asked about how Grammy Camp works, so here’s our schedule:

*Make your own pizza for dinner.
*Bedtime movie & ice cream sundaes

*Breakfast& Bible stories
*Backyard hot dog feast with Great Grandma Honey
*Fathers Day notes & puffy paint a t-shirt for Dad
* Crafty initial painting
*Dinner out on the town & movie: Beauty and the Beast

*Breakfast & Bible stories (Maryann bakes breakfast!)
*Library Scavenger Hunt
*Park reading picnic
*Swim in Great Grandma Lo’s pool
*Taco dinner with Grandpa Larry

*Breakfast & bible stories
*Bowers Kidseum
* Lunch on the road
*Trek on back to the girl’s home in Ojai

Grandma gets home and collapses!!



25 thoughts on “Grammy Camp 2017!!

    • Hey Debi! It was a whole lot of exhausting fun! The Museum is small, but they did face painting and had fun art projects– and the girls could just fun and do everything for a couple hours. Just $8 so that’s nice. Take care friend. xox

    • Hi Cindy– yep, every age has it’s joys– I loved having small kids at home– and now they have small kids of their own! have another grand-baby coming in August!! Loved your snail photo!! hugs!

    • I think you may be right Jenni– today on the phone Laurel told me that since she doesn’t have kids, next year she wants to come be one of the girls! Happy Hawaii!! Hope it’s tons of fun with all your little ones. hugs hugs.

  1. You are a wonderful grandma! I bet these girls love these days with you! It all sounds so fun. Great ideas you’ve given us all. One of my granddaughters will be here tomorrow and I can’t wait to see her! She’s only 2 but I already have some plans for some fun activities I think she’ll enjoy 😊 Love all your your photos!

    • Don’t you love it Daisy?? I think she lives fairly close by, right?? Tomorrow morning I’m flying up to SF for 10 days to stay with the 2 sets of gran-kids. ( I have books and cake decorations all packed!!). Hope you have a sweet time with your girls! xox

    • It was a lot of fun– sure drop on by!! And I borrowed the ic cream rule from my Dad who always sent his ten rules for kids when he came to Spain to visit/vacation with us. Hope you summer is filled with ice cream! (is that a state food somewhere??) xo

    • I think you know– it’s fun to plan activities with kids. They get so excited! We had a library scavenger hunt– and then went to the park for a reading picnic. take care friend. xo

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