Best Baby Books

Hi all–I know a lot of you like reading with kids.  Me too.  And the last few days I’ve been in reading heaven.  First, reading I Love You Stinkyface! at least 17 times, staying with grand-kids Mae & Eero– and now I’ve moved over to stay with baby Lois and Yum Yum! seems to be the favorite.

So for all you who love kid reading out there, here’s a few favorite early baby books, beloved for the pictures, rhythms and rhyme.

I pretty much adore any book illustrated by Stephen Cartwright.  And this super simple book of farmyard animals making their respective “animal noises” is a perfect early book.


Baby Babble by Kate Merritt is just right for babies– bright, simple and absolutely “chew proof.”  It says so on the cover (also is nontoxic & 100% washable!). Love the colorful friendly illustrations–part of a series of 20 similar  baby books made of plastic, not cardboard.


Featuring a series of hungry animals and their favorite foods, Yum Yum! by Yusuke Yonezu is a delight.  Each animal has a cut out mouth that “devours” a carrot, banana…  All her books are inventive and sweet.


And an old favorite–Brown Bear, Brown Bear (board book version) by Eric Carle, is the perfect chanting rhythm and rhyme book for early listeners.  Bold illustrations and repeated color words are a big plus.


P.S. top illustration thanks to biblioteques__UVEG




23 thoughts on “Best Baby Books

      • Hi Rhonda 🙂 well, we don’t have that many English books yet, however we have Czech and Spanish ones, as we speak three languages at home. And actually, I bought lately the book “The little boy who lost his name” and it is so nicely done and Demian seems liking colours and pictures, and the story is nice ☺️

        • Thanks for the recommendation Vero! How wonderful for your children to be immersed in 3 languages. Our kids grew up in Spain with English and Spanish– and it’s been a helfp to them… Happy reading!! xox

  1. I read to the children at school and will look up these recommendations! Some of my favorites are Good NIght Moon, Where the Wild Things Are, and every Jan Brett book made, especially The Mitton. Blessings to you, Rhonda. Keep that reading for it builds brains and lightens hearts! Enjoy every moment!

    • Hi Mary– I have all 3 of those books on the shelf in our family room. We must have the same read-aloud taste! What other books do you like?? always looking for ideas! hugs hugs.

    • Hi Marcia– the plasticky paged book is the best. Great simple bright illustrations– and our baby Lois LOVES chewing the book as well as flipping the pages. It’s her favorite. Hope all’s well with you there, Marcia. xox

    • Hi Shanika!! Yep–don’t you love reading with him?? I was just up in San Francisco with our kids/grand-kids. Our baby Lois is happiest chewing on books! Hope you’re staying cool this summer! take care friend. xox

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