Wandering in Wisconsin

Friends— We arrived in in Wisconsin for our John & Laurel’s wedding (more on that later!!) and since then have been taking in fun and food with our other kids winding our way across  the state.  A little “scrapbooking” of some of the best bits…

We crossed the Mississippi River into Iowa to explore the Effigy Mounds National Monument–a series of Native American burial mounds set in a forest overlooking the Mississippi.  A green and leafy afternoon hike.  Loved it!


photos:  forest, pretty lichen, Larry, Brian & Lois on the trail, the Mississippi River, The 3 Heungs by some burial mounds.

Next stop– the Great Wolf Lodge complete with the country’s biggest indoor/outdoor waterpark.  Aside from my first harrowing trip down a water slide, it was a lot of fun splashing with grand-girls in the water.


photos: Charlotte, Jobay & Maryann complete with wolf ears,  Jobay– the rope bridge champ!, 3 bathing beauties, in the lobby of the Great Wolf Lodge.

A trip over to Milwaukee, demands a brewery tour. A little beer sampling and an animated tour guide named Winston made it a lively afternoon.


photos: Lakefront Brewery building. after tour snacks, Winston, soft pretzels and savory spreads.

Next morning, we walked along Lake Michigan to reach the Milwaukee Art Museum, a monumental structure, by the architect, Santiago Calatrava (Spanish!).


Lakeside view of the museum, Ani in the reception hall, Larry by a Chihuly glass work, Lois on the prowl at the museum.

One more stop, at the Pabst Mansion, built in the 1890’s by the brewing family, an elegant look at their sumptuous life.


photos:  The Past Mansion, the womens’ salon, bathroom doors, our bright tour guide with Captain Pabst, the servants dining room.

Finally, Larry and I explored the Milwaukee Public Museum–a well done natural history museum–complete with butterfly room!!

photos:  Display of the museum exhibits back in the 1800’s. The butterfly room and a couple of it’s residents.


It was a fine full week, traveling across the green and glorious state of Wisconsin– thanks to Micah & Jodi & those 3 fun girls, thanks to Ani & Brian and our littlest tourist.  You all made it such a wonderful time together.  I am thankful.


26 thoughts on “Wandering in Wisconsin

  1. Rhonda, this looks like such a fun week! I love the Lodge photos, and that trail looks so incredibly peaceful. ❤ Continue smilin' Rhonda – you have such a beautiful family & presence. Lots of love to you, and may God bless you and keep you (I remember the Old Testament greeting too … I grew up Jewish. It's beautiful) Blessings and hugs xo

    • Yes! the museum structure was awesome. I’ll be you’ve been up there too– almost in your neighborhood! Loved your blue cheese recipe– looks party perfect! take care friend. hugs hugs!!

    • Kitchy is right Mollie! At the hotel every kid was given free wolf ears! So there were hundreds of little wolves running around! But it was tons of fun. We didn’t really get to see the scenic part of the Dells (so much waterpark!), but we’ll be making lots of trips to Wisconsin, so I’m sure we’ll get there… You’re pretty close where you live, right?? — hugs hugs!

    • Hi Claire!! We’re from California, but our daughter married John from Wassau and they live in Madison now. I love Wisconsin!! So green and beautiful, and lots of wonderful places to eat!! But I went to visit our kids last February so I could spend a week in real snowy weather and it was so warm!! No snow! But we did get to walk on a frozen lake– that was scary fun! OK, I’ve rambled on too long– but did want to say– enjoyed looking at your blog. Beautiful writing about/to your Grandfather. So dear. Fun to hear from you, A Wisconsinite! xo

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